Modern guest bathroom – design ideas for practical and functional space

by Kremy

small bathroom design with walk in shower

A guest bathroom is not a luxury but a basic convenience. It can be big or small, but there should be everything a person needs. An extra bathroom is very useful for large families and especially needed when there are visitors in the house.

The design of a guest bathroom is just as important as the master bathroom. Of course, the equipment will depend on the available space. While a powder room can be equipped with only a toilet, sink and mirror, a full bathroom should have a shower or, if there is enough space, a bathtub.

modern guest bathroom designs corner shower marble tile


Why do you need a guest bathroom? On the first place, it will save the owners from unwanted intrusions into their private area. Many people feel reluctant and inconvenient to allow visitors into their en-suite bathroom, but in many homes with only one bathroom, that is exactly the case. The situation gets worse if you have guests staying overnight. It is better to have a guest bathroom either immediately at the entrance – in the hall or corridor – or next to the guest bedrooms, if any. If the house has more than one level, then for convenience, each floor should have its own bathroom. Before planning a guest bathroom, it is worth considering the frequency of its use. If you do not have visitors that stay for the night, you can limit yourself to a powder room with a minimum of equipment.

How to plan the design of a guest bathroom?

Large shower in guest bathroom and small sink without vanity cabinet

When planning the design of a guest bathroom, the main task is to create a beautiful and functional space. This means that you need to create the optimal layout based on the configuration of the room, decide on the set of necessary plumbing equipment and furniture, think about lighting and decor, etc.

contemporary guest bathroom modern powder room

A competent layout is important not only in terms of ergonomics, but also in terms of aesthetics, since it affects the selection of furniture. You need to have a clear answer whether you want a powder room or a full bathroom. In addition, you need to think of storage, shower (bathtub), washbasin and vanity cabinet, toilet, decoration, materials, accessories, lighting. Niches, for example, are an ideal location for a shower and toilet area. With the right layout, even a small bathroom can become cozy, practical and functional.

compact storage furniture for guest bathroom


Storage – do you need shelves and cabinets? The answer is “Yes”. The fact is that in contemporary bathrooms you cannot see many things on open surfaces. Less is more is a good principle in any style. Even so, you still need storage space. Think of all the items that you need in a bathroom – shampoos, balms, gels, toothpaste, women’s cosmetics, etc. Do you keep household chemicals for washing and cleaning in the bathroom? Keep in mind that even small items can make a bathroom look messy, if not properly stored. There are different options for compact storage – boxes, organizers, cabinets, open shelves, etc.

full guest bathroom design ideas floating vanity large mirror

Sanitary equipment – the minimum set of sanitary equipment in a guest bathroom is a toilet, sink, mirror, hooks for towels. Instead of the usual floor-mounted toilet, it is more appropriate to use a much more compact version – a wall hung one and instead of bathtub – a shower cabin or shower enclosure with a partition wall or glass doors. A neat shower cabin with transparent or matte doors looks much more elegant than a bathtub with a curtain. What about the sink? The size and type of the sink will be determined by the available space. You can opt for a vanity cabinet, even a floating vanity cabinet, which always looks good. Another option is pedestal sink, as it does not occupy floor space. The simplest space saving option is a small corner sink. It is good enough to wash and brush your teeth and takes up a minimum of space.

modern bathroom ideas shower cabin with glass doors contemporary sink

A shower cabin has many advantages. First, it is environmentally friendly and is also budget friendly because water consumption is much less. In addition, it takes up less floor space. You can opt for a shower cabin in a niche, corner models, etc. Transparent sliding doors are suitable for space saving bathroom designs because they do not block light and have a modern appearance.

bathroom design vanity cabinet with storage

Decoration and accents in a guest bathroom will depend on the design concept and the style. The general rules for finishing a small bath are the same as for any small room:

  • Light colors that expand the space visually and create a feeling of cleanliness.
  • Glossy surfaces that reflect light – just like mirrors, they expand spaces.
  • Vertical and horizontal lines will help you visually expand the space or raise the ceiling.
  • Space saving equipment and furniture.
  • Small decorative elements which do not overload the space. Do not get carried away with the number of accents and decorative elements if there is not enough space. A bright rug, towels and a soap dispenser may turn out to be quite enough
  • Dark colors can be of great help if used wisely. For example, a dark niche looks deeper than it actually is. Or lay a dark tile on the floor so that it contrasts the white ceiling and increases the height of the room.



small guest bathroom with shower vintage vanity cabinet

small guest bathroom with brick wall decor and shower

small bathroom space saving ideas corner sink

how to plan the design of a guest bathroom or powder room

How to plan the design of a guest bathroom

guest bathroom space saving ideas for small space

guest bathroom ideas with walk in shower with glass doors

elegant modern small bathroom design and decor ideas

creative small bathroom ideas shower with glass wall

creative bathroom designs walk in shower with stool

contemporary guest bathroom ideas space saving designs

functional guest bathroom design ideas




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