Zara Home Sales 2023: The 5 Pieces You Must Buy Before the Start of the New School Year

by Kristiyana

Back to school 2023 is approaching friends, are you ready? And do you follow the sales at Zara home? There are certainly adorable pieces to buy to renew your interior decor and start off on the right foot for the new season!

What Is Zara Home and Why Buy Its Decor Pieces?

interior decor back to school 2023 table accessories tablecloth zara home

As fall approaches, you have surely thought of renewing your wardrobe or your hairstyle for the start of the 2023 school year. But, making a few small changes in your interior decor is also sometimes enough to put you in a good mood and celebrate the new season! I have been a big fan of the Zara brand for as long as I’ve known it. I can even say that it was love at first sight between us! But in addition to their summer dresses, fall blazers, and jeans, I also love their section with items for the home! We can very well say that this Spanish brand has succeeded in its mission of creating a feeling of accessible luxury that we are all happy to be able to bring to our homes! Although the prices may seem a little high from time to time, during the Zara home sales period, they become more than reasonable, and it will be a shame not to take advantage of them!

Zara Home is the sister brand of Zara and part of the Spanish giant Inditex. You can find plenty of stylish objects and furniture online or in the brand’s stores, located in a large number of countries around the world. Focused on bed linen, decorative objects, rugs, lamps, table accessories, towels and home fragrances, the brand has its own take on the aesthetics of luxury. And it’s arguably already a name when it comes to unique homewares with clean, minimalist designs.

Are the Items Offered by Zara Home of Good Quality?

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Although Zara tries to offer pieces that imitate luxury items, their quality is equal to that of a generative brand. We can therefore very well say that the quality/price ratio is quite good, and the articles are made in such a way as to be quite accessible. If you are careful what you buy, you can find real treasures to decorate your home with!

Zara Home Sales: 5 Pieces to Buy for the 2023 School Year

interior decor back to school 2023 zara home sales

The summer sales are over and yet, on the “special prices” section of the Zara website and also in its stores, you can find plenty of items on sale throughout the year! Zara home sales allow you to save money while acquiring elegant, modern and practical objects. Here are the 5 brand pieces to shop now!

Zara Home Sales Floral Print Bed Linen

zara home sales floral print bed linen back to school 2023

What better way to start the new season than to dress up your bed with some new bedding? In the “special prices” section, you can currently find a three-piece set: duvet cover, pillowcase and sheet with a beautiful floral print in soft and pastel colours! Depending on the size of your bed, the price of the different pieces varies between 19.99 and 59.99 euros! If you are looking to upgrade your bedroom decor for autumn, this bed linen is the way to go.

Mirror with Metal Frame

zara home sales 2023 mirror with black metal frame

This mirror with a metal frame is all you need to compose your most beautiful outfits for the new 2023 school year! With its elegant minimalist style, the black framed mirror with a vintage look can easily be integrated into any style of interior decor! It comes in two different sizes: 70 x 100 x 2.5 for 119 euros and 60 x 140 x 2.5 for 149 euros.

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Stoneware Tableware with Coloured Edge

zara home tableware sales back to school 2023

You certainly have plenty of friends you haven’t seen since summer vacation! Back to school is the perfect time to invite them to your home to meet around this elegant stoneware tableware that comes in two colours: mustard or petrol blue. In addition to being very beautiful, this tableware can also be washed in the dishwasher! Yippee, your new fall manicure will be saved!

Dyed Cotton Tablecloth and Napkins

home decor 2023 table cloth cotton zara home sales

And to go with your new tableware, this tablecloth and napkins are the perfect match! 100% cotton and machine washable, these accessories look great on a rough wooden table! The tablecloth has measurements of 150 x 250 cm, and you can have it for only 29.99 euros, while the napkins cost 6.99 euros per set of two.

Blooming Magnolia Fabric Freshener

perfume for fabrics zara home back to school 2023

So we have a new set of bed linen, and a tablecloth with napkins, what are we missing? A fabric freshener, of course! We often associate our house with a particular perfume, and you will immediately fall in love with this delicate perfume from Zara home sales, which will leave a sweet aroma throughout your home!

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