Zara Home 2020 – impressive, warm, natural and artisan collection

by Kremy

Zara Home 2020 impressive warm natural and artisan collection

Zara Home has won a place in the hearts of numerous buyers from around the world. The brand offers furniture, dishes, cutlery, decorative accessories, as well as a variety of gift ideas. Zara Home pays special attention not only to various product lines, but also to regular updates of the range. The design team has always paid particular attention to international standards and this is confirmed with the new Zara Home 2020 spring-summer collection which allows you to turn any interior into a fashionable and comfortable space. The concept of the Zara Home brand is aimed at the possibility and simplification of creating and changing the interior of the house with the help of numerous decorations presented in the collection.

Zara Home 2020 collection – pure lines and neutral colors

Zara Home 2020 collection small wooden bench with braided paper seat


Zara Home spring summer 2020 collection is based on pure lines, neutral colors and natural materials like linen and fine cotton.

To create the collection of furniture and home accessories, the Zara Home design team was inspired by the cleanliness of the architectural lines, and the colors of the natural materials, before being treated.

The common thread of the Zara Home Collection is the purity and beauty of a house furnished in a simple and welcoming style. The main materials are wood, stone, jute, linen, earthenware and glass.

Zara Home Catalog spring summer 2020

spring summer zara home accessories from smoked glass

Whatever the environment to be furnished in this collection, there is enough to choose from to furnish the bedroom, living room, bathroom and kitchen through a series of furniture, furnishings and fabrics that go to embellish small or large apartments with style, without neglecting the price advantage.

The idea of Zara Home spring summer 2020 translates into a house with a welcoming atmosphere thanks to the materials used, including wood which has always given a particular charm to any interior.

There is no shortage of furnishing accessories including mirrors of various shapes and sizes useful for furnishing all rooms in the house.

The metal elements blend perfectly with wood. Marble and wood are materials that are used more and more often in new design trends. Here in the Zara collection we find them in the tables for the living room. From the great accessories to the small objects, let’s see what are the most interesting novelties.

Zara Home SS20 – the most artisan collection

elegant furniture and home accessories from natural materials

Undoubtedly, Zara Home SS20 is the most organic, warm and natural collection.

The aim is to recreate the magic of endless summers, in an environment featuring naturalness. French art director Fabien Baron has once again been the architect of the images featuring the new Zara Home spring-summer collection.

Inspired by the warmth and luminosity of an endless summer that transports us to California, we see images of a home where time stands still. Very successfully, Zara Home, creates spaces featuring organic lines and natural elements such as stone, wood, flax and jute.

Zara Home collection spring summer 2020 benches


The artisan touches tell a story, giving meaning to each piece – the hand-painted finish of a ceramic bowl, the asymmetry in the patterns of a blanket, the small marks of a glass jar. All this shows the beauty of humanity after creation. Thanks to the colors and materials used, the interior gives the impression of an endless summer and an eternal sun, which will shine in our house regardless of the season. Here are some of the most exciting novelties from the latest Zara Home 2020 collection that can be ordered online right away!

Zara Home 2020 Furniture pieces

home furniture natural materials hexagonal mango wood tables

Zara Home continues to expand its furniture catalog. We see fantastic low tables for the living room with different sizes, geometric shapes or compositions of various tables. In turn, you will see that you can also find different materials, from wood to glass. Other interesting pieces of furniture are the side tables, armchairs and stools.

Zara Home Furniture Collection 2020 teak folding chair

This folding chair would look good in any room in your house. The combination of natural-colored braided pattern and black diamonds has a nomadic flair and at the same time remains modern.

A wooden chair that hugs

Zara Home furniture 2020 collection chair made of ash wood

This solid wood chair impresses with its dynamic design and natural wood grain. The ash wood is obtained from sustainably managed forests (with SFC certificate). Thanks to the felt pads on the feet, scratches on the floor can be avoided.

Rustic wooden coffee table

Zara Home furniture 2020 rustic coffee table

This robust coffee table from Zara Home adds a warm rustic charm and is the perfect addition to any living room. The wood has an exceptional antique look finish and blends into the vintage rustic stylistics.

Rustic stool Zara Home 2020 spring summer collection furniture pieces

This rustic stool is the perfect companion to the coffee table shown above. It is made from the same antique-looking wood.

Round rattan table

zara home furniture 2020 rattan table

This braided table is very light and has a unique appearance. You can place it alone or pair two of them side by side. The rattan table would also be perfect for an outdoor living room, and you can use it as balcony or patio furniture.

Small side table with marble top

round side table with marble top and hairpin legs in gold

With a marble top and interlocking gold hairpin legs, this side table would add a touch of elegance to your living room. Light and modern, it is also perfect for small spaces.

Glass table with black metal frame

round side table with glass top and metal frame by Zara Home

This side table fascinates with the imperfection of the glass top. Just look at how the light falls through the glass and conjures up a beautiful play of light and shadow on the carpet. The table is so compact that the black legs can be folded up.

Round bamboo table with gold-colored tray

table with gold colored top from zara home

Here is another table that fits perfectly into ethnic chic style. The round frame is made of bamboo and gold-colored metal and conveys a feeling of lightness and transparency. The tray is ideal as a storage space for various things or for glasses, vases, etc.

Zara home 2020 Accessories – vases and glass candle holders in amber

rustic home accessories natural materials terracotta pot ceramic vases

Glass in amber is the focus of this new collection. The warm color emphasizes the desired effect of eternal sun. Examples of this are this round vase, the elegant candlestick and the spherical tea light holder. These decorative accessories can be purchased online.

Wooden bowls and plaited placemat

round natural fiber placemat and wooden kitchen utensils

Wood is a versatile material and also has an honorable place in the kitchen. This wooden tableware set looks even more attractive in combination with the round, plaited natural fiber table set.

Green earthenware

Zara home accessories green earthenware tableware

If you enjoy color on the dining table, you can take advantage of the beauty of this green earthenware. The black stainless steel cutlery is also available individually in the online shop.

Glasses with stripe and honeycomb pattern

Zara home 2020 Accessories colored glassware

Here is another suggestion in amber from Zara Home 2020 spring collection. You can put together a set of glasses in the desired number.

Braided rattan basket

Zara Home 2020 baskets accessories from natural materials

This basket made of 100% braided rattan is practical and decorative at the same time. You can use it to store pillows, toys, magazines, etc. The basket is even ideal as a planter.


lamps from natural materials home accessories

Zara Home lamps are the clear example that functionality can be in harmony with aesthetics and you will find a variety of lamp designs – natural, minimalist, elegant, eclectic, industrial materials, there is something for all tastes. Here is a selection of designs:

Ceiling lamps made of rattan and metal

Zara home 2020 Accessories collection spring summer natural fiber and metal lamps

Pendant lights made of rattan create an atmospheric ambience everywhere. In Zara Home catalog 2020 there are pretty models, including these ceiling lights made of rattan and metal.

Original table lamp in black and gold

Zara Home accessories 2020 table lamp in black and gold

This table lamp has a base and shade made of two-tone metal in anthracite and gold, which gives it a very refined look.

Lamp with jute base

table lamp from natural materials home accessories

With a handcrafted look and rounded shapes, this lamp with jute base and cream-colored fabric shade is perfect to give your home a warm touch.

Gold-colored flowerpot stand made of natural fiber

golden flowerpot stand home accessories

Give your plants a state-of-the-art home! Whether in the corner of your living room or in the entrance area, this flower pot stand is a real eye-catcher. The stand is made of natural fiber, while the pot shines in gold. The interesting mix of materials causes an exciting sensation.



rustic home accessories natural materials painted ceramic pot

home accessories natural materials mustard yellow tableware

home accessories natural materials geometric pattern patchwork blanket

bedroom decor cotton two sided quilt and cushions

rustic stools and ceramic flower pot

round side tables zara home furniture living room ideas


beautiful table lamp with metal base





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