DIY Gemstone soap recipe – how to make a unique gift for every occasion

by Kremy

DIY Gemstone soap recipe

Here is a great DIY Gemstone soap recipe which may come handy when you are looking for handmade gift ideas. When we think about a gift for a holiday for relatives and friends, it is more likely that some standard options come to mind – giving money, home accessories or decorative items, etc. These are safe options and there is nothing wrong with them. But if you want an original gift, a handmade soap can be considered as a great idea because it can be given as a present in almost any situation. One of the main advantages is its versatility. It is perfect for any person, regardless of age, sex and occasion.

how to make gemstone soap DIY gift ideas


Nowadays you can easily find various soap gift sets that are perfect as a present for any holiday. There are options that can be given to women, and there are special kits for men. How about making your own set? One of the advantages of such a gift is that the soap is custom made, which means that you can take into account the interests and hobbies of the person for whom the gift is intended. Homemade gem stone soap can be a fantastic gift for Mother’s day, Valentine’s day, Christmas, your best friend’s birthday, etc. Such a sign of attention may not be an expensive gift, but if it is correctly selected and presented, it will be way more valuable.

DIY Gemstone soap recipe – 5 easy steps to follow

how to shape gemstone soap


1/2lb /220 g. Clear and opaque white melt and pour soap bases

Soap colorants

Essential oils of your choice

Silicone mold


Glass pyrex pitchers

Disposable plastic cups

Cutting board


The first step is to make several solid colored soaps. Cut ¼ of both soap bases into small chunks and place into a microwavable glass. Microwave for 40-60 seconds until completely melted. If you want to add fragrance, add the essential oil to the melted base. Divide the melted soap evenly into small mixing cups – 5 or 6, as you wish. Add colors and stir. Let the colorful soaps harden completely.

precious stone soap recipe step by step

Once the colorful soaps are set, take them out of the plastic cups. Slice them into thin slices and small shards or if you prefer – slice them into various shapes and sizes. Set aside.

Prepare your mold. Mix the colorful pieces randomly and place them in the cavity. Optionally, you can sprinkle some cosmetic glitter at the bottom of each cavity for greater effect.

how to make precious stone soap recipe step by step

Melt a block of clear base. Divide it between the cavities. Wait until it sets. Melt a block of the opaque base and divide between the molds. Let your DIY Gemstone soaps sit overnight until they harden completely.

DIY Gemstone soap recipe and instructions

Unmold the soap bars. With the help of a knife, cut facets into each soap bar to create a gemstone.

easy DIY soap recipe

Enjoy your fantastic homemade gemstone soaps or wrap them in gift paper as a handmade gift!




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