Black and gold wedding decoration ideas – add a touch of chic and glamor

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luxury black and gold wedding table decoration

Black and gold wedding decoration ideas are especially spectacular and despite that many people automatically connect weddings with white color, we will show you how elegant and classy black and gold can be. Some people worry that black color is associated with mourning but if you plan the decor carefully, black and gold color scheme will add a sense of sophistication and nobility.

A stylish wedding decor looks creative and fun. It should be clear that this is a wedding. The general mood and atmosphere should make sure that this day belongs to the bride and groom, that this is their holiday and their special day. This is why you need to carefully choose the style and theme so that not to turn your wedding into a simple celebration for guests.

Themes and ideas for black and gold wedding decoration

the best art deco wedding table decor ideas


The combination of gold and contrasting black is most often the choice of young couples who choose to celebrate their wedding on New Year’s Eve. It is also suitable for Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Gatsby, Retro or Hollywood Glamor themed weddings. The expensive and luxurious golden shine softens the deep neutral tone and such decor will most certainly make an impression to all guests. Accents of classic white, pink or red will add freshness and attract the eye.

When you choose your theme and style, keep in mind that they need to accent on the purpose of the festive event. Details will make your wedding unforgettable and individual. Elements like textiles, floristry, accessories, printing, etc. should decorate the wedding venue, add solemnity, while at the same time blend harmoniously with the selected theme. Let’s have a look at some of the most popular themes that will allow you use black and gold wedding decoration.

art deco wedding decor ideas table setting black tablecloth

The Great Gatsby theme features the style of the 20s in America, which were called “luxurious” and “brilliant.” If you dream of a thematic wedding on a grand scale, then it is worth choosing this theme. The main color of the decor is gold in combination with white or black. A straight-cut bride’s dress with a low waist, usually with a deep neckline and an open back, richly decorated with lace, beads, rhinestones, feathers, fringes is most appropriate. To recreate the spirit of the 20s it will be great if all the guests attending the wedding follow the dress code.

Art Deco is the time of the 30s of the last century. This period is characterized with luxury, angular outlines of the interior, cool deep colors, an abundance of antiques, and natural wood furniture. An Art Deco bride should choose a loose-fitting dress, slightly tied with a cord, with a deep neckline. The jewelry includes a long string of pearls, a brooch, hair clips, bracelets, earrings. Groom’s best choice is a tuxedo with a bow tie.

luxury table setting ideas black and gold wedding decor

Luxurious gold and black combination can be used as an inspiration for a Hollywood glamor style wedding. The bride must look irresistible and brilliant. The groom should be the embodiment of elegance and impeccable style. Hollywood symbols prevail in the decor and accessories: clappers, films, tickets, stars, Oscar figurines. The color palette is red, white, gold, black. Such decoration will look extraordinary and will definitely be remembered by the newlyweds and guests.

The biggest mistake when choosing the theme and style for your wedding is to go too far and cross the thin line of good taste. Even a design that requires a high degree of decorativeness should not look like you gathered a number of thematic elements, but rather be a harmonious picture, where every detail is in its place. Overloading with too many decorations indicates a lack of taste. Be careful not to turn your wedding into something kitschy.

Black and gold wedding decoration ideas and design techniques

Wedding table setting ideas black and gold decor

When you think about black and gold wedding decoration ideas, you need to have a clear understanding of the colors and how they work together. On the first place you need to understand that any active color like black must be balanced with calmer shades. When properly combined with other colors and properly presented black can be more than appropriate at a wedding. Black color is like a blank sheet. The combination of black and gold will add genuine royal splendor to your wedding. Complimentary shades such as Marsala, carmine, burgundy or pomegranate will look incredibly beautiful. Black color is a synonym of modern elegance as well. Remember Coco Chanel and her exceptional aesthetics and the elegance of the little black dress? So, do not be afraid of black. If you use it properly, it is everything else but gloomy.

Gold color easily creates a palace-like surroundings. Use luxurious chandeliers, candelabra, textiles with gold threads, brass dishes, etc. If the wedding decor is in the style of Art Deco, then gold is the perfect choice. The style that is distinguished by luxury and abundance of expensive materials cannot be imagined without the radiance of gold.

Black and gold wedding decoration and setting ideas

It depends entirely on your personal taste which of the two colors will be prevailing. Black can be used as an additional color to gold and used locally. For example – black tablecloths, textile napkins decorated with gold rings, vases for flower arrangements, candles, table numbers, place cards, black and gold cutlery, menu, etc. In this way you will have an elegant and very restrained decor, which at the same time looks very impressive.




Themes and ideas for black and gold wedding decoration

table setting in black and gold art deco wedding ideas

luxurious table setting black and gold wedding decor ideas

glamorous art deco wedding table decorating ideas

exceptional black and gold wedding decoration ideas chic table setting

Elegant wedding table settings ideas in black and gold

elegant art deco wedding table setting and decor ideas

chic and glamor wedding decor ideas art deco style

Black and gold wedding decoration ideas table setting art deco style

Black and gold wedding decoration ideas festive table place setting

Black and gold wedding decoration ideas art deco style table setting

Black and gold wedding decoration ideas art deco style

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