8 tips to stay positive and optimistic during the coronavirus pandemic

by Kremy

tips to stay positive and optimistic during the coronavirus pandemic

Staying positive during the coronavirus pandemic is a difficult if not impossible task for many people around the world. The number of new cases is constantly increasing, the health system is overwhelmed and the economic crisis seems to be more and more imminent. Yes, bad news is flooding us every day and now it is more necessary than ever to harness the power of positive thinking and stay united! Obviously, there are things that you must take into account in order to protect yourself from coronavirus but it is not at all necessary to know all the unpleasant details. We shall give you 8 tips how to encourage yourself and others and stay positive and optimistic during the coronavirus pandemic. We all know that the crisis will be over and we shall return to normal life soon!

How to stay positive and overcome coronavirus fear and anxiety – avoid the flood of news

how to stay positive facing coronavirus


Radio and TV shows, as well as newspapers and digital media have become a real source of concern in recent times. Fake news is the other big problem as it continues to cause confusion and fear, which result in stress, anxiety, even panic attacks. So the first step in overcoming the worries and fear of Covid-19 is to learn to objectively perceive the facts and the news. Choose two or three reliable sources of information, for example the World Health Organization site, that of the state government or reputable news agencies. To be able to stay positive, we recommend that you devote 30 minutes a day to the news in order to inform yourself about the news and the protective measures.

Look back in time and think positively

how to think positively covid 19 effective tips

Having brought the global economy to its knees, the coronavirus presents a major challenge to many countries. But the truth is that we have survived other crises. Natural disasters, wars, terrorist attacks, the 2008 economic crisis and more… yes, humanity has seen many bad events over the years. And in the end everything is better! The chances are good that we will soon have the Corona crisis behind us. Now it is important that we think positively and stick together as a society.

Stay positive and reduce stress with fun videos

reduce stress think positively pandemic coronavirus

It is not easy to reduce stress, especially during a pandemic. To reduce negative thoughts and stay positive, fun and creative videos circulating on social networks and YouTube come to our rescue. According to psychologists, videos with funny animals are a particularly effective way to manage stress and cheer up. What’s more, streaming platforms offer a wide selection of movies and TV series that promise to improve your mood. A wide range of literature is also available to all those who love reading.

Help elderly neighbors

coronavirus pandemic tips help the elderly neighbors do the shopping


COVID-19 has united neighbors in many communities around the world. Due to the fact that they are at risk, the elderly are advised not to leave their homes. If you are not in the risk group, you can help your elder neighbors. Call them regularly to check that everything is OK. You can buy food for them. Many of them have no relatives nearby and can only rely on their neighbors. Here is a volunteer activity that will help you stay positive and optimistic about the coronavirus.

Stimulate and support the local economy

support the local economy covid 19

The rapid spread of COVID-19 has closed all restaurants and shops but there is still room to stimulate and support the local economy. Choose small stores in your neighborhood where fresh vegetables and fruit as well as other food products are available. Small businesses will thank you!

Stay positive about coronavirus and send gifts to grandparents

diy gifts for grandparents stay positive coronavirus

We agree that this is not an ideal time to visit our grandparents. But we can always surprise them with nice and creative homemade things. There are so many craft activities not only for children but for adults too. This is an excellent way to keep everyone busy and have family fun time. Sending fun and encouraging greeting cards or pictures is another good option.

Use your time reasonably

how to be positive facing the pandemic coronavirus advice

Currently, we all have much more free time than three months ago. So take advantage of quarantine and social distance period to learn something new. The possibilities are endless – crafts, reading, watching movies, learning a new language, etc. It’s also the perfect time to adopt a healthier diet and cook gourmet dishes with the whole family.

Start the day with motivation

start the day with motivation to overcome the fear of coronavirus

Starting your day with motivation is a key strategy to stay positive not only in the face of coronavirus but also in any other difficult situation. Try to plan your day by listing your tasks as precisely as possible. Start with good sports training followed by a healthy breakfast and so on.



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