Attic conversion ideas – kids bedroom design and decorating ideas

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One if the most popular attic conversion ideas is to transform the unused space into a bedroom or playroom for the children. An attic nursery always looks cozy and atmospheric, because the sloping ceilings give freedom to creativity. In such a room it is always bright, fresh and spacious thanks to the roof windows.

Kids’ bedroom designs on the attic floor require a lot of attention. It is important to plan everything carefully. Every parent wants a functional room for the little ones so the proper zoning is essential. In the children’s room there should be a play area, a work area and a relaxation area. The zoning will depend on the layout of the room, because the sloping roof makes it difficult to arrange the interior. Of course, it may be challenging, but not impossible to have a great bedroom for children and we shall give you some great ideas how to plan the design, furniture and decoration.

Attic conversion ideas – kids bedroom design and zoning

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Many attic conversion ideas feature a private space for the children, which is relatively free of parental control. If the house allows you to adapt a place under the roof as a dedicated children’s territory, you need to take care of the maximum comfort in this room. You need to plan the repair – heating, insulation, wall and floor finishes, lighting and last but not least, furniture.

Before transforming the attic into a bedroom or playroom for your children, you need to carefully prepare the room. First, you should examine all the surfaces of the attic, not forgetting the stairs leading to it. The staircase must be reliable and safe with proper handrails. It is especially important to check the integrity of the roof inside and outside the house as well.

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Insulation is the next important step. You need to insulate not only the ceiling and walls but the floor as well. The insulation material performs a soundproofing function too. After that, the walls can be finished with drywall, wood or panels and the floor can be covered with the coating you like – hardwood, carpet, etc.

Interior design and decoration of attic nursery rooms feature a variety of ideas. The complexity of the attic space is in its small volume, sloping ceilings and different wall height. Some design techniques and tricks can help increase the space visually. The walls can be decorated with wallpaper and this is the most common option as it allows you to hide minor imperfections on the walls. When using wallpaper, you have many opportunities – you can use different colors and prints, stripes, flowers, geometric prints, plants and trees, cartoon characters, photo wallpaper or 3D wallpaper. For small rooms it is best if you use light colors that expand the space visually and will add airiness to the bedroom. Wallpapers with vertical stripes will make the ceiling higher. If the roof is too high wallpaper with horizontal lines will make the ceiling appear lower.

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Another easy and affordable way to decorate the walls is to use paint. Children love everything bright, so they will appreciate painting the walls in rich colors. Before applying the paint, it is important to carefully prepare the surface of the walls. Usually paint highlights all surface defects, so they should be perfectly even.

Shiplap is environmentally friendly and safe for health. It is a strong and durable finish which you can paint in any color.

The flooring in a nursery room or kids bedroom on the attic should be safe for the health of the children, comfortable and warm. Kids spend a lot of time playing on the floor, so make sure that the floor material you selected does not emit toxic substances. Parents often choose wood and other materials made on the basis of natural components. Most often floors are covered with laminate, natural wood or parquet. Laminate comes in a huge variety of colors and patterns. It is easy to install and maintain as well. Carpet or area rugs should cover the play area to protect the children from injuries. So, wooden floors, carpet and laminate are considered the safest and most suitable options for covering the floor of a nursery room.

Attic conversion ideas – kids bedroom space layout and furniture

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Sloped ceilings are a challenge when planning the layout of an attic room. Successful attic conversion ideas should provide a feeling of security and comfort. The space should be comfortable and multi-functional. With a competent layout, all the shortcomings of the attic can be turned into advantages. Usually a child’s room consists of 3 zones – a play are, zone for learning and a sleeping area. The zone for learning should be located next to the source of natural light and equipped with a sufficient number of lamps so that the child can read in the evening. The sleeping area can be located on the opposite side or near it. The playing area is usually located in the center of the room, as children need free space for games.

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Textile has an important role as it adds color, texture and warmth into the design of the room. Window treatment; bed canopies, play tents, furniture upholstery – all of these should be chosen to create a balanced and harmonious interior. Textiles should be lightweight, not dense, made from natural materials and easy to wash. Bright bedspreads, colorful curtains and decorative pillows can make even a boring interior look original and dynamic.

When we talk about attic conversion ideas we need to mention the choice of furniture for a kid’s bedroom. This is important and parents need to understand that children do not care about luxury. The furniture should be functional, attractive for the child and in harmony with the interior design of the room. The minimum set of furniture for the nursery includes a desk, a bed and a wardrobe. Furniture items should be placed in corners to free up the children’s play center. You can place small cabinets for clothes and toys, boxes for storing children’s things, racks or shelves for books and utilize the space in the most efficient way. A well-designed layout and harmonious interior will ensure the safety of the child during games and comfort during sleep.

Attic conversion ideas – kids bedroom design for boys and girls

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The design of children’s rooms is always different from the design of the rest of the rooms in the house. The brighter the room, the brighter the mood. It is very important not to lose the feeling of moderation, and to keep the harmony and overall style. The color scheme will depend, first of all, on taste preferences, the nature of the child, as well as on the attic lighting. If the child is active, saturated colors should be avoided. Pastel, calm shades have a soothing effect. Another consideration is the age of the child and whether you decorate a room for a boy or a girl. Here are some tips for you that will help you in taking decisions.

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Attic bedroom for boys need to accommodate not only textbooks and clothing but very often, sports equipment and bulkier items. For a boy, the choice of color scheme in the interior plays a significant role. An attic bedroom for a boy can be decorated in neutral shades with some bright accents – bright curtains, pillows or carpet. For a child between 3 and 10 years of age the suitable colors are diluted shades of green, pale blue, white, beige, etc.

An attic for a girl should be bright and comfortable. For young girls it is best to choose pastel colors like pink and lavender, pale yellow and orange shades, soft blue and green (turquoise) shades, etc.

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Attic conversion ideas are especially suitable when you want to create a bedroom for a teenager. Such interiors are very different form the designs for small children which is logical, as teenagers are almost adults or at least have the needs of an adult person. You can use almost any style and theme depending on the hobbies and interests of the child – from fashion and ballet for girls to sports and science for boys. Deep and vibrant colors can perfectly harmonize with light walls.

When choosing the style of the interior in an attic bedroom for children you need to take into account the geometry of the ceiling and walls. There are many creative design solutions in different styles . For example, Scandinavian style is light, bright and with a lot of natural elements. The snow-white ceiling and walls which are typical the Scandinavian style expand the space and make it look bigger.

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Traditional style is quite universal and suitable for both children and teenagers. To avoid a monotonous and boring look, you can add bright accents.

Shabby chic, French country and Provence are suitable for girls. Such interiors are light, charming and romantic. Industrial style is more appropriate for teenagers than for small children. Exposed brick walls, panoramic windows, metal and wood will be really appealing to young men.

Enjoy the gallery below and find your inspiration in the photos. You will see how attic conversion ideas will help you create a great bedroom for your children.



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