Creative rainbow decoration ideas – bright colors in kids bedrooms

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Creative rainbow decoration ideas and bright colors in kids bedrooms

A rainbow in the children’s room is a beautiful bright design. It provokes the imagination of a small person and also makes the play area or children’s room filled with color, nature, freshness and joy. Bright colors of the rainbow transform boring walls into something wonderful and fabulous, something that will cheer you up. In such a room it’s impossible not to smile. We have selected some of the best rainbow decoration ideas and will show you how you can introduce the colorful pattern in the interior of your child’s room or playroom.

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Bright colors always fill the space with positive energy and make it joyful and beautiful. What do you need to know about rainbow themed bedroom interiors? How these bright colors will affect the kids? We shall answer these questions and you will see great ideas in the photo gallery below.

Creative rainbow decoration ideas for kids rooms and the effect of colors

rainbow wall decals nursery room decor and furniture ideas

When choosing the decoration for the child’s room, many parents select the color scheme by intuition. Experts, however, will tell you that this is a completely wrong approach, due to the fact that colors can have a direct effect on the physiological state and development of the child. Every color has its own characteristics and since we are discussing rainbow decoration ideas for kids rooms, let’s see how the combination of multiple colors works.

original wall bookshelf design and decoration in baby room


  • Red is strong and bright color, associated with fire. It stimulates activity and is often seen in nursery rooms and playrooms.
  • Yellow is sunny and warm color that affects the intelligence of children, which is why this option is ideal for schoolchildren who have problems with concentration.
  • Orange colors in the interior of the children’s room will bring the baby a sense of joy and tranquility.
  • Blue shades in the nursery have a positive effect on imagination and stimulate development and desire for learning.
  • Green elements in the wall decoration are not able to cause negative emotions. On the contrary, this color contributes to peaceful sleep and excellent mood.
  • Purple shades relieve, soothe and relax. They also inspire creativity and imagination. However, at the same time, the color may be distracting and should be used sparingly and in combination with light colors.

diy felt rainbow garland baby room decorating ideas

Psychologists advise to surround the child in the first two years of life with soft and calm colors. The baby’s room should be soft and comfortable, in restrained colors. It can be a combination of warm shades of blue in combination with pastel yellow, light beige colors. These colors create a feeling of security and comfort.

how to use bright colors in nursery and kids bedrooms

When the child grows up, its room becomes brighter, more cheerful and colorful. Experts in child development claim that starting from the fourth year of life, the child begins to prefer contrasting, bright and joyful colors like yellow, blue, orange, red, bright pink. During this period, it is important to use bright colors in the interior design of the children’s room, since such paints create a positive, sunny atmosphere. However, the use of many bright colors is not recommended due to the fact that a large number of too bright colors like intense red and orange, for example, may annoy and irritate the child.

Rainbow decoration ideas for kids rooms – interior designs for boys and girls

original furniture ideas for kids rooms with rainbow decoration

Having in mind the color theory and the effect on the child’s psyche, how can you create a rainbow themed decor? There are various ways in which you can implement the concept of several colors and not necessarily use the theory of color matching and let’s see some examples.

Rainbow on the walls

home decor ideas photo wallpaper for nursery room with cartoons animals

Wall murals or wall decals with a rainbow image, rainbow colored stripes – all of these will ideally combine with any color scheme or design ideas that you plan to realize.

Beautiful rainbow ceiling

blue and white furniture in kids room with rainbow ceiling

The ceiling is like a big canvas. You can paint a rainbow or choose a themed lighting fixture, ceiling fan, etc.

Floor rugs

rainbow rug for kids bright colors in childrens rooms

Several bright stripes on the floor will immediately brighten the room of your children. They can walk along colored stripes, arrange car races, and study colors.

Rainbow furniture pieces and decorative accessories

rainbow furniture bed headboard chest of drawers kids room decor ideas

Bright decor of furniture, using various colors, will allow the child to keep clothes and toys in order, laying them out in different colored lockers. A chest of drawers, a clock, a lampshade – all of these can be used for the rainbow themed decor of the nursery room.

Window treatment

home textile ideas rainbow curtain for children bedroom

Rainbow curtains are another touch in the design of a children’s room. You can select from a huge variety of options that are offered on the market.

Bed sheets and decorative pillows

baby room furniture ideas and bed sheets with rainbow colors

Children will appreciate beautiful bed sheets and will be happy to go to bed and listen to fairy tales about the seven colors of the rainbow.

Handmade decorations

DIY nursery room decor ideas felt letter board rainbow

You can complement the interior of the nursery with hand-made decorations. Felt crafts are ideal and you can make decorative pillows, toys, etc.

As you see there are so many rainbow decoration ideas for kids rooms. You can use the pattern as a colorful accent, for example furniture covers, bookshelves and books, flower pots, textiles, etc.

unicorn rainbow wall decal in soft pastel colors girls bedroom ideas

For those who are not sure that they are ready to paint the walls in all colors of the rainbow, there is an alternative. Choose pastel colors. Another idea is to arrange rainbow colors randomly and your child’s room will It look just as bright and interesting.




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