Autumn Bedroom Decor 2023: 5 Creative Ideas to Lift the Mood!

by Kristiyana

September marks a return to the indoors, making it an ideal time for refuge. And one of the most comforting rooms in the house is the bedroom. Don’t you think it deserves a little spicing up for the new autumn season? How to do it? Our editors reveal the five essential steps you need to take to create an autumn bedroom decor that invites you in for relaxation and tranquility. 

Autumn Bedroom Decor: 5 Splendid Ideas to Copy Right Away!

autumn room decor creative ideas flower wreath wall decoration fall bedroom decor diy

How can you decorate your autumn bedroom like a pro? Rest assured, there’s nothing complicated or special about it. And no, you don’t have to make any radical changes to your room. In the following paragraphs, our editors explain how to invite the autumn season into your bedroom, and make it look welcoming and in complete harmony with the rest of the environment.

Bring Autumn Colours Into Your Bedroom!

autumn colour fall orange room decoration fall bedroom aesthetic


No, you don’t have to paint the walls or furniture. However, if you feel like it, don’t hesitate to take action. But what autumn colours should you incorporate into your bedroom? Think warm, natural tones that will give your space a cosy feel that complements the shimmering leaves outside. The most popular shades include orange, brown, sage green and dark blue. How to adopt them? Make way for accessories!

To enhance the autumnal atmosphere in your bedroom, warm orange is the best option. Incorporating this vibrant colour is much simpler than you might think. Decorative cushions, curtains, a blanket and even little decorative pumpkins on the bedside table. Combine orange with neutral tones to balance the space.

autumn colour fall blue brown room decoration cozy autumn themed bedroom

If orange isn’t your cup of tea, opt for more natural colours like dark blue, brown or sage green in the bedroom. Combining dark blue with warm brown creates a sophisticated, upmarket space. This type of autumn bedroom decor evokes serenity and invites relaxation. To incorporate it into your room, think again about accessories.

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For a Successful Autumn Bedroom Decor, Embellish the Bed!

autumn brown roofs wall decoration idea cute fall room decor

There are several options here. Firstly, trendy bed linen in the autumn colours mentioned above will create the perfect atmosphere. Secondly, decorative cushions are the cheapest and most popular option. You can buy several cushions in different shades to create a dynamic and colourful ensemble. And don’t be afraid to play with different materials, sizes and shapes.

Thirdly, warm blankets come to the rescue to help you perfect your autumn bedroom decor. In wool, fleece or faux fur… choose shades that go with the whole interior design.

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Aromas That Smell Like Autumn!

decoration idea fall 2023 modern bedroom scented candles autumn bedroom decor ideas

There’s nothing like adding a little autumn scent to your bedroom! How to do it? Nothing could be simpler. All you need is to buy scented candles, room sprays or potpourri. Think cinnamon, apple or pumpkin… aromas that smell just like autumn to have in your bedroom from now on.

Don’t skimp on scented candles, which tend to improve the overall atmosphere. Place them on your bedside table or over your drawers, avoiding curtains or other fabrics. Beware of overly intense scents that can disturb your sleep.

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Autumn Bedroom Decor: Bring Nature Indoors

autumn original ideas design interiors natural decoration fall bedroom decor

There are lots of creative and original ways to spruce up your bedroom and decorate it for autumn. We recommend going natural and collecting branches to put in a pretty vase. Don’t hesitate to decorate with dried flowers to enhance the atmosphere.

Wall Decor in the Spotlight!

autumn bedroom decor 2023 mural wreath of dried flowers autumn bedroom ideas

Need an idea for an autumn bedroom decoration to brighten up the walls? Opt for wreaths to hang above the headboard or wherever you like. The most popular materials include autumn leaves, pine cones, berries and more. Here’s a colourful and original alternative: dried hydrangea wreaths. A DIY project that will completely transform your home.

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