How to Wash a Baseball Cap in 5 Easy Ways Without Losing Its Shape!

by Radost P.

How to properly clean and wash your favorite baseball cap without shrinking it? Which are the best tricks, according to pros?

Here’s How to Clean a Baseball Cap at Home Without Ruining It!

how to wash a baseball cap without ruining it

Properly washing your baseball hat without changing its shape is a challenging task. Yet, we do have to clean it regularly since dirt and sweat accumulate if we don’t take care of our caps.

Refreshing Your Baseball Cap – Fill a Sink With Water

fill a sink with water


In case your cap is not too sweaty or dirty, you can just refresh it. Firstly, fill a bucket with water and add a stain remover powder or some laundry detergent.

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Soak & Rinse

soak baseball cap in sink

Next, soak your baseball hat for about 20 minutes and rinse it properly with warm water. Use a towel to dry the cap.

Reshape & Leave the Cap to Dry Out

reshape and leave the cap to dry

Place your hat on top of a place that is similar to the shape of your head in order to reshape it. Again, leave it there to dry out.

Deeply Cleaning a Baseball Cap – Spot Cleaning

scrub the spots on your baseball cap

For tough stained spots, we should use a different method of cleaning a cap. Take a toothbrush and scrub the spots with a mix of water and detergent.

Soak & Rinse

soak and rinse a baseball hat

Soak your baseball hat for about 3–4 hours and check from time to time whether the spots are fading away. Rinse with cool water.

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Let the Hat to Dry

leave your baseball cap to dry out

Leave it again in a container that imitates the shape of your head and let it dry out completely. 

Can I Wash My Baseball Cap in a Washing Machine or Dishwasher?

can i wash my baseball cap in washer

If you do choose to use the washing machine, make sure that it is turned on the gentle cycle. Yet, keep in mind that the structure of your baseball cap may change due to the pressure. In terms of using a dishwasher, it is recommended not to do it since the garment may get damaged. 

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