How to store toys? Marie Kondo’s brilliant solution to tidy up by organizing

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Being organized and tidy is an art in itself that is cultivated from an early age. This is exactly the idea of the famous creator of the KonMari tidying method, Marie Kondo, whose tips and tricks work miraculously well even in the room of the little ones. Indeed, putting the kids’ toys in order is a big challenge for all parents, but fortunately, this mission is no longer so difficult thanks to the brilliant solution of the Japanese storage consultant. Read on and find out how to store toys efficiently to declutter the environment and save space at the same time!

Marie Kondo’s brilliant tricks to store toys in the children’s room

how to store toys and tidy the kids room Marie Kondo method

Coach Marie Kondo, who is world famous for her minimalist KonMari method of tidying up, has completely changed our approach to organization and order. But even the guru herself struggles to store the toys of her children. Yes, Marie Kondo, like all parents around the world, sees toys as the biggest challenge in keeping an environment tidy. However, she has a brilliant solution that simplifies the process. Find out in the following paragraphs the method she uses in her own home.

marie kondo reveals her storage secrets for the kids room


Whether you have one or three children, the idea of keeping the whole house in order 24/7 is far from realistic. Toys, in particular, tend to pile up and get scattered all over the place on a daily basis. So what does the expert suggest?

What is the solution to clutter in the child’s room according to Marie Kondo?

Marie Kondo method to store childrens toys and belongings

The key to keeping the house and nursery room tidy, Marie suggests, is designating a specific space for storing all the toys. This is a great idea for giving kids ownership of their stuff. Plus, they’ll always know where to put their toys and where to find them when playtime begins.

trick for storing toys in the childrens room wall shelves and storage baskets

To make things even easier and more fun, parents can take advantage of the consultant’s trick to use furniture or storage accessories that are specially designed to house different groups of items separately. For example, boxes or even compartmentalized wall organizers which prove to be very useful and practical for storing a multitude of small toys in one place, while keeping them in order. It is recommended that you personalize your children’s furniture/storage accessories – this will make the experience more fun and interesting for them. Thus, the kids will really enjoy storing their things.

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Compartmentalized storage boxes

how to store toys compartments ikea

Compartmentalized storage boxes are a great way to organize not only your kids’ toys, but also their clothes, accessories, cosmetics etc. Very practical, they can be installed in the drawers of the chest of drawers, in the wardrobe, in a bedside table with drawer or in the storage under the bed.

wall organizer to store kids toys and all the little stuff

If you need to organize a small kids’ room, it is recommended to opt for a wall organizer with several compartments. In addition to decluttering the floor, this practical storage can be installed at eye level, so as to remind the kids every day to maintain order in their bedroom and playroom. Plus, you can adjust the height of the accessory as kids grow to encourage them to store other items too, like craft materials, school supplies, etc.

Marie Kondo method for storing toys in the kids room

But Marie Kondo’s trick also works for other items different from toys. The compartments are great for keeping things in order for not only school children, but also their parents. The compartmentalized wall organizer could, for example, be used to store jewelry, hair accessories or even makeup products and accessories. If you hang it right next to the front door, you can keep house or car keys or even the papers of your vehicle that you don’t want to leave in the glove compartment unattended. It is also very practical in a small storage room or in the garage.

Tidying up the nursery is a challenge for most parents and kids. But since it is a great opportunity to gain responsibility, space and maturity, the effort is worth it. In order to make children aware of the importance of organization and cleanliness, it is often necessary to use tricks. And that’s exactly the case with compartmentalized storage. In addition to being practical and easy to use by the kids, furniture/accessories of this type make it possible to know at any time the precise location of any item. Thus, children learn how easy it is to find their things quickly and they have the motivation to keep on tidying.

KonMari method to store toys in drawers

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