Marie Kondo Under Sink Storage: How to Organize the Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinets?

by Kremy

The cabinet under the sink is usually where we put all kinds of things that we can’t find any other place for. It’s quick and easy. But when the time comes to look for something, we can create a huge mess. Cosmetics, cleaning products, gloves, plastic bags, empty bottles, brushes, sponges… the list can be endless. As a Virgo, I can’t let that happen at home, so I use different methods of organization. Scroll down to discover them and you won’t regret it. This will help you achieve harmony and peace in your home by reducing stress. Focus on Marie Kondo’s rules for under sink storage. As a bonus, you will also find DIY organizers ideas.

The Konmari Method: How to Organize the Cabinet under the Sink?

how to organize the kitchen and bathroom under sink cabinets

Marie Kondo’s method is to get rid of everything that no longer makes you happy. The result is a clean, well-organized home. But how to apply this method in the organization under the sink? Here are the steps to follow:

  1. First, remove everything from the cabinet and clean it.
  2. Check the labels of all products. Some of them may have expired. Recycle according to label instructions or local regulations.
  3. If you collect hotel samples or mini-cosmetics, Marie Kondo recommends throwing them away. Instead, I place them in a travel organizer and use them on my vacations. It saves me space in the luggage, because there is no need to carry full size shampoo, shower gel and creams.
  4. If you find products that you no longer use, because you are not satisfied with them or have replaced them with better quality products, throw them away. Again, I prefer to give them to friends who might appreciate them.
  5. It’s time to sort all the items you intend to keep.
  6. Sort everything by categories. For example, put all face and body cosmetics in one box. Store cleaning products in another one, etc.
  7. Buy or make an organizer that will help you store everything. This will allow you to find what you need faster.

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How to Use the Under Sink Storage Space in the Kitchen?

how to use the under sink storage space in the kitchen


This is the place where we usually place the trash can. So you need to take this into account when deciding what to store there. For example, you can place a box in which you can store empty plastic bags for reuse or take a plastic bottle, cut the top part and turn it into a storage area. You can store not only bags here, but also dishwasher tablets or cleaning cloths.

*If you have enough space, add two more buckets to collect paper and plastic, or wine bottles.

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How to Organize the Under Sink Storage Space in the Bathroom?

how to organize the under sink storage space in the bathroom

I place the cleaning products there as well as some cosmetic products. It’s not quite right, but my space is limited. In this case, it is important to separate the different products in different boxes. If possible, use the doors as well. Adhesive hangers can be used to hold cleaning gloves or face masks.

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How to Make Under Sink Storage?

how to organize the cabinet under the sink in the bathroom and kitchen konmari method

You can make an under sink organizer without spending a penny if you are creative enough. We’ve given you a few ideas, but that’s not all. Think about salvaged items and those you no longer use. They can be easily reused:

  • Reuse old office accessories such as magazine racks, letter trays or pencil holders.
  • Store cleaning products in shoeboxes.
  • Sort small items into flower pots.
  • Make baskets from old jeans.

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