Nailed It! 20 Perfect Wedding Manicure Ideas to Match Your Style

by Kristiyana

How should I do my nails for a wedding? Which design will perfectly fit in with my chosen bridal style? 20 stunning wedding manicure ideas to complete your special bridal look. 

The Perfect Wedding Manicure Ideas for Every Bridal Style

wedding manicure ideas with pearls wedding nails

A bride has to take care of many things before and on her wedding day, and every small detail counts. You wouldn’t forget to have your hair done in that pretty princess style you’ve dreamed of ever since you were a little girl, and you’ve already picked out the perfect makeup colours to match your gown, shoes and jewellery. But what about your nails? Every part of your bridal attire has to come together perfectly, that’s why today here at we have picked out 20 gorgeous wedding manicure ideas to fit your traditional or not so traditional bridal style. Let’s have a look at them, shall we ?

French Tips Wedding Manicure Ideas

french wedding manicure ideas classy wedding nails


French tip nails are a classic choice when it comes to wedding manicure ideas. Go for a simple, yet modern white French tip mani on your special day and finish it off with a glossy top coat for even more shine.

Delicate Floral Bridal Nails Design

beautiful wedding nails ideas floral wedding manicure

Looking to add some florals to your wedding manicure design? This one right here is my personal fave. Delicate and classy, this floral bridal mani will catch the eyes of many, yet is not over-the-top in any way and offers your nails with elegance on the wedding day of your dreams.

Glazed White Simple Wedding Nails

classy wedding nails simple wedding nails

If you are not too keen on experimenting with your nails, especially on your wedding day, go with this simple, yet eye-catching glazed milky white manicure. Picking this design will give you more opportunity to play around with nail shapes and to accessorize with your bridal attire.

Elegant & Classy Wedding Nails Design

wedding nails french manicure ideas bridal nails 2023

Want your nails to look like they cost as much as your wedding jewellery? Then this cashmere French tip manicure with glitter is the way to go. The nail design is subtle enough to look classy, yet the gold lining offers just the right amount of flare not to distract too much from other parts of your bridal outfit.

Pink & White Ombre Bridal Nails

lace design wedding nails ombre bridal nails with lace designs

Yet another beautiful and elegant choice for the perfect wedding manicure. Pink and white ombre nails are a timeless classic, and they are also quite favoured among many brides-to-be. To complete your bridal look, opt for an ombre mani in these colours and complete it with a floral lace design and glossy top coat.

Short Wedding Nails with Diamonds

short wedding nails with diamonds simple wedding nails

Which wedding manicure ideas would be perfect for a short nail shape? Go with these simple, yet dazzling short nails with diamond tips. The design is inspired by a classic short French tip mani, yet one with a twist, making it a unique look to try on for the best day of your life.

More Perfect Wedding Manicure Ideas for Every Bridal Style

ombre bridal nails ombre glazed donut nails

Simple wedding nails in white with glitter

short wedding nails wedding manicure ideas

Beautiful pink florals wedding manicure

wedding manicure ideas floral bridal nails

Elegant white French tips with lace design

bridal nails wedding nails french manicure ideas

One-of-a-kind white marble nails with gold

wedding white manicure ideas marble wedding manicure

Gorgeous classy ombre wedding nails

ombre wedding manicure ideas ombre bridal nails

Eye-catching floral bridal nails design

floral wedding nails floral bridal nails

Lovely bridal French mani with hearts

heart wedding nails cute wedding manicure ideas

Ombre bridal nails with rhinestone accents

pink and white ombre nails ombre bridal nails

Cute French almond-shaped nails with pearls

wedding manicure with pearls classy wedding nails

Wedding manicure with glitter for short nails

wedding manicure ideas with glitter sparkly wedding nails

Stunning glossy French manicure with pearls

glazed french pearl manicure bridal nails 2023

Elegant French wedding nails with floral accent

french manicure ideas for wedding classy wedding nails

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