Anti-Barbie Summer Fashion: How to Stand Out from The Crowd in 2023?

by Gabby

The new Barbie movie, featuring Margot Robbie, brought a lot of hype on the Internet and fashion inspiration. However, are we really all fans of the glitter and the hot pink color? Of course not! So, what’s the Anti-Barbie Summer fashion? Who inspired this trend? How to stand out from the crowd?

anti barbie fashion sam smith trend movie

What Is The Anti-Barbie Fashion?

Where did this trend all started, you ask? The famous singer Sam Smith, showed up at the premier of the newest Barbie Movie, wearing an oversized black sweatshirt and jeans. This created a lot of controversy opinions and people started asking, why wasn’t he in sync with the whole Barbie theme. Sam actually is involved with the movie, since the last soundtrack of Barbie The Album is his. But why was he making this bold fashion statement while walking on the hot pink carpet?

Smith joined forces with the famous Vetements designer – Guram Gvasalia, who created the look. Together, they wanted to do something super different from the Margot Robbie pink designs and the entire Barbie vibe. That’s why they choose something baggy and black. According to the singer, he wanted to pay homage to all the rebels out there, who don’t agree with the whole pink and cotton candy Barbie theme. Also, they wanted to show off the newest Vetements collection and their new look on how proportions should be.

sam smith barbie movie anti fashion


As you know, many people thought that the body image that Barbie creates can be very damaging for our society. Every girl wanted that slim figure, with a small waist and thin legs. We think that singer Sam Smith is rioting up against these standards, that somehow the doll unintentionally has created in a lot of us.

Sam adds that you don’t have to fit in this whole pink world when you can be different and really stand out in the crowd. It helps us to not be so predictable with our dress code and express ourselves with our clothes and not copy something or someone, just because the trends dictate it. With that being said, we have prepared something for my anti-Barbies out there, who want to be rebels this Summer and not wear this hot pink color that we see everywhere. Let me inspire you with some anti-Barbie Summer fashion!

Anti-Barbie Summer Fashion: How to Stand Out in The Crowd?

anti barbie summer fashion trends 2023

Now that you’re familiar with where and who inspired the new anti-Barbie fashion, it’s time to get inspired for Summer 2023 and show that we can be different and that’s wonderful! What are the rules here:

  • Forget about the perfect silhouette, you can wear something baggy and still look chic and stunning!
  • It is all about showing off your edge and standing out from the crowd!
  • What’s the opposite of the hot Barbie pink color? Black is the new pink, we say!

For starters, forget about what people say about wearing colorful clothes. We are all fans of wearing black in the Summer here and we support that 100%. So, get your hands on the baggiest cargo jeans or pants that you can find and wear them with a vest, as shown on the picture. To finish off the perfect anti-Barbie Summer look, wear Birkenstock sandals in black.

Black Summer Outfit Idea to Show Off Your Edge

black summer outfit oversized blazer jeans shorts platform slippers

Do you need a guide on how to be an anti-Barbie? I think this photo sums it up. The oversized blazer will give you this wider shoulder silhouette, and it is ideal if you opt for an anti-Barbie look. The black color is essential as you already know. The platform slippers will give you this 90s edgy vibe and the Prada glasses will only add sass to the entire appearance. Now, the denim shorts are my favorite in this outfit. They fit perfectly into the 90s outfit that you can recreate this Summer 2023.

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Anti Barbie Outfit Idea for Summer 2023 with Oversized Parachute Pants

how to wear parachute pants summer 2023 anti barbie fashion

Are parachute pants still in style 2023? If you draw our inspiration from Sam Smith’s anti-Barbie outfit, you will know that the proportions of the outfit should not be fit. With that being said, parachute pants are ideal for your rebel spirit and these in particular even have more volume. How to pair them? Metallic shoes are the answer! They are one of the trendiest fashion accessories at the moment. You can even see women wear metallic cowboy boots!

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Anti-Barbie Summer Fashion 2023 Inspo

summer anti barbie outfit ideas 2023

Street Style Anti Barbie Summer Outfit Ideas 2023

anti barbie summer street outfit fashion inspo

Maxi Black Dress Anti Barbie Movie Inspiration 2023

black summer maxi dress edgy outfit ideas anti barbie movie 2023

Dinner Summer Outfit Ideas 2023: Anti Barbie Fashion

summer dinner outfits anti barbie fashion inspired movie

Black Beach Summer Outfit

beach outfit anti barbie movie inspired fashion 2023

Oversized Edgy Summer Outfit Inspiration: Anti-Barbie Ideas

black summer outfit inspiration anti barbie ovesized clothes

High-Waisted Black Pants with a Lace-up Top for an Anti Barbie Look

lace up top with high waisted jeans anti barbie movie fashion ideas 2023

Oversized Mesh Top with Baggy Pants: Summer Outfit Ideas in Black 2023

oversized pants mesh top anti barbie outfit ideas 2023

Mesh Top with Fringe: Dinner Summer Outfit Ideas 2023

dinner outfit anti barbie inspired sam smith fashion

Edgy Summer Outfit Ideas 2023

grunge anti barbie fashion summer 2023

Sam Smith Inspired Outfit with Baggy Jeans: Anti-Barbie Fashion Trend 2023

sam smith inspired outfit barbie premier movie

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