What to Wear When It Is Hot? A Fashion Guide to Brave the Heat, While Boosting Your Everyday Style!

by Kremy

What to wear when it is hot? A little floral dress or shorts? Crop top with slit skirt or long dress-style shirt? And on the feet? Lace-up sandals or heeled mules? So many questions to ask yourself when the temperatures start to rise. With the temperatures hovering around 95F/35C degrees, there’s no question of compromising your style because of the heat. After swapping your sweaters for light dresses, there are still a range of fashion tips to follow and stay cool even when it’s super hot!

To fight the heat, while boosting your daily style, opt for the right colors and materials. Light and pastel colors, cotton, linen, satin, natural fibers… Here are the top 5 tips to borrow from our style gurus to make heat and style go hand in hand.

What to Wear When It Is Hot: 5 Fashion Tips

how to dress when it is too hot summer heat fashion advice modern looks

We can’t say it enough, light and flowing clothes will help you survive the heat in style. Choose dresses with airy cuts that won’t stick to your skin. The same goes for short sleeves and thin straps. On the other hand, avoid synthetic materials and the layering trend. As for summer 2023 shoes, flat sandals, mules and mesh ballet flats will be your best bet in the fight against the high heat. In the accessories department, there are three summer essentials to bet on: the fan, the floppy hat and the hair scarf. They will protect you from the sun, while ensuring you look your best, both on the street and in the office. Find out more in our detailed fashion guide!

Opt For a Slip Dress

what dress to wear in summer heat satin dress slip dress slip skirt


The slip dress, or even the babydoll dress, is one of our fashion favorites that we like to take out of the closet when the first days of summer arrive. For this summer, the fashion world is in agreemen: the satin dress will be THE summer 2023 trend dress to wear at all costs to brave the heat in style. It can take on any role, from everyday dress to ultra-feminine evening wear, or your office look. An all-purpose piece, it goes well with a white T-shirt, sneakers and a shoulder bag during the day, while in the evening it looks minimalist with a pair of heeled sandals and some flashy jewelry. Its equivalent? The slip skirt will be just as fashionable this summer 2023!

Choose Natural, Breathable Materials

what to wear in summer heat ideas fashion tips materials colors white crochet dress office outfit

If there is a time of year when synthetic materials should be banned, it’s summer. The must-haves? Cotton, linen, satin and silk! Linen and cotton are ideal for the beach. Cooler and above all more breathable, they allow air to pass through. In short, natural materials are a safe bet against the heat. And no, you don’t need to put together a whole new wardrobe to beat the heat. You just have to bet on the right basics. Turn an old pair of jeans into vintage shorts, cut an old t-shirt to a crop top, nick one of your husband’s linen shirts and go for the crochet dress. Your body will thank you!

Lightness In the Spotlight

what shoes to wear when it is hot outfit dea summer 2023 modern look with micro skirt

At the risk of repeating ourselves, lightness and fluidity are key words during the summer. So choose loose dresses with thin straps or bare shoulders that do not stick to your body. Also bet on bustier models, with the exception of the office. As for skirts, a micro-skirt will be your best bet during the heat. If it’s not your cup of tea, opt for a long satin skirt that will keep you cool even when it’s too hot. This summer 2023, also think about flared pants, linen shirts, sheer dresses and exposed lingerie. We also remind you that the bikini top is no longer just for the beach. It is now worn in town under a blazer jacket or an oversized shirt.

Choose Light or Pastel Colors

what to wear in summer heat light pastel color natural materials fashion trends summer 2023

This is probably the coolest trick of the season! Light and pastel tones are our best ally under the sun – violet, baby blue, mimosa yellow, powder pink, water green, etc. Keep the total black and navy blue look for the start of fall 2023. But don’t worry! You can dare to wear a little black dress for an evening by the sea. But in summer, there’s nothing like a white dress with ruffles. So now is the time!

Invest In a Good Pair of Sandals or Mules

what to wear when it is hot and humid in summer satin slip dress skirt fashion trends 2023

Sandals are the trend for women’s summer shoes in 2023. Flat or wedge, Fisherman or Birkenstock, heeled or platform, leather or raffia… there’s plenty of choice this season for style right down to your feet without dying of heat. To stay chic at the office, prefer flat sandals. Save the flip flops for the holidays. Fisherman sandals and Birkenstocks, inspired by the dad sandal trend, have never been so fashionable. As for heels, they are not mandatory during the heat. However, if you want to wear heels, bet on wedge espadrilles or mules with heels.

What to Wear at the Office When It’s Hot?

what to wear at the office when it is hot work outfit summer 2023 heat wave

A heatwave is no excuse to compromise on style at the office. Winter pants become Bermuda shorts, pumps become nude heeled sandals, and white cotton shirts are replaced by linen. As for the skirt, swap the pencil skirt for a wrap-around cut. Our favorite office look for sunny days? A long slit dress, a pair of nude sandals and a shoulder bag. Get inspired by the following street styles.

PHOTOS: 10+ Street Style Outfits Suitable for the Summer Heat

long slimming dress to wear in summer when it is too hot fashion trends 2023

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what to weart when it is hot and rainy summer 2023 office outfit

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what top to wear when it is too hot summer 2023 ideas outfits fashion tips

Crop Top and Paperbag Shorts

crop top and papperbag shorts outfit ideas for the summer heat in 2023

Linen Shirt and Satin Skirt for an Office Outfit Adapted to the Hot Weather

what to wear at the office during summer 2023 heat womens fashion

Micro Skirt and White Tank Top for a Cool Look, Despite the Heat

outfit idea summer heat 2023 micro skirt white tank top

Fluid and Pleated Dress

what to wear when it is hot this summer 2023 outfit ideas modern woman

Lightweight Shirt Dress and Stylish Handbag

what to wear in summer when it is too hot light shirt dress

Nude Tank Top, Shorts and Shoulder Bag for Hot Weekends

what to wear in hot weather street fashion trends 2023

Micro Denim Skirt and Oversized Shirt Tied at the Front

what to wear when it is hot and humid during summer heat 2023

Crop Top with Flare Jeans for a Stylish Look

backless crop top summer outfit 2023

Little Black Dress with Sequins for Hot Summer Evenings

what dress to wear when it hot summer fashion tips 2023 ideas

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