6 Outdated Sandal Trends and What Modern Alternatives You Should Wear Instead!

by Stephanie Yankova

Sandals are an inseparable part of a woman’s summer closet. They have the power to either make or break one’s outfit, making them such a significant part of our attire. Which outdated sandal trends do you need to avoid at all costs? What are the season’s most popular shoes that will help elevate your summer looks? Let’s find out!

Outdated Sandal Trends and Modern Alternatives to Wear Instead

outdated sandal trends 2023 summer modern shoes inspo birkenstocks

The right pair of shoes have the power to make even the most simple outfit look like it was taken straight out of the runway! It’s all fun and games until it’s time to show our bare feet to the world! This is where the shoe silhouette begins to play a significant role in our appearance. Spoiler alert – you don’t need to sacrifice comfort for style! All you need is a simple guide to show you what’s trending and what isn’t. Lucky for you, we’ve got just that!

Teva Sport Sandals

teva midform outdated summer sandals trends 2023


While the Teva Sport sandals may be a good option for hikers and off-road terrains, they’re definitely not a fashion statement! Keep these sandals in your road trip backpack unless you want the fashion police on your case!

Toe Loop Sandals

toe loop sandals trendy summer shoes 2023 minimalist effortless street style

The more refined and trendy alternative you can wear instead of the Tevas is a pair of leather toe-loop sandals. Their minimalist clean design makes them the perfect accessory to any outfit! They give your foot the same amount of security, however, they’re much more suitable for everyday street-style attire.

Open Toe Rubber Slides

adidas slides out of style summer sandals outdated shoe trends 2023

This is one of the shoe trends I was never able to get behind, and I’m so glad that it’s finally at its dawn! If there isn’t any water in sight, wearing slides just isn’t right! This year the only place you can expect to see the iconic Adidas slides is by the pool or at the beach!

This Sole Leather Sandals

thin sole leather sandals narrow feet summer shoe trends 2023

In 2023, we’re replacing rubber with leather! These thin sole slides are extremely elegant and will add an effortlessly chic appearance to your overall look. However, they are best suited for people with narrow feet so keep that in mind before you go on the hunt for a pair!

wide strap big buckle slides trendy summer shoes women 2023

If you have wide feet, the wide strap slides are the best option for you! They wrap around your foot in a way that provides you with comfort and also gives you a trendy, modern look. For a more elevated appearance, you can opt for a pair with chunky gold buckles or a more tactile texture.

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PVC Sandals

chanel pvc sandals outdated summer shoe trends out of style fashion 2023

PVC sandals made a revolution in the fashion industry a few years ago. Everyone from Amina Muaddi to Chanel, Valentino, and even Louis Vuitton left their mark with a signature see-through shoe. While I assume that this trend will make a comeback in a couple of years, for now, we’ll have to say our goodbyes!

Metallic Sandals

gold metallic sandals solid platform trendy summer 2023 shoes

It’s safe to say that 2023 is the year of metallics, and we’re yet to see more of them! Add some pizzazz to your favorite summer outfit with the star of the season – the gold metallic platform heel sandals!

Gladiator Sandals

gladiator greek sandals outdated summer shoe trends 2023

When the Gladiator sandals came out they caused a worldwide furor! Every supermodel and Hollywood star owned a pair and understandably, we all had to have one, too! Unfortunately, my loves, it’s time we say our final goodbyes because this sandals trend has left the chat a long time ago for good!

Strappy Sandals

high heel strappy sandals trendy summer 2023 shoes street style inspo

Don’t be too quick to part with the laces just yet! The simple and elegant strappy sandals are one of the quickest-rising shoe trends this summer! For those of you with more narrow feet, opt for a design with thin straps. This will give your foot an alluring and sophisticated appearance. Inversely, if you have wide feet, choose a sandal with wider straps. They will offer you more support and make your feet appear more slender.

Stacked Heel Sandals

stacked heel sandals out of style outdated summer shoes 2023

This may be heartbreaking news for a lot of you, but this summer the stacked heel has got to go! The reason why this particular type of sandals continues to be such an inseparable part of so many women’s closets is because they are extremely comfortable. The silhouette is clean, it’s unpretentious, and can be worn everywhere from the office to a wedding and everywhere in between. However, the stacked heel doesn’t really serve a purpose apart from its aesthetic qualities. Unfortunately, it’s not deemed aesthetic anymore!

High Heel Platform Espadrilles

high heel platform espadrilles best summer shoe trend 2023

One classic leaves to make room for another one – the platform heel espadrilles! This summer sandals trend is the one I’m most happy to see make a comeback! If you’ve never worn a pair, I’ll start by saying that this shoe is the epitome of comfort! Don’t be fooled by the height – I’ve walked miles across the French Riviera in these without a single scar or sore muscle! Not only that, but they make your legs look so much longer and slimmer! What’s not to love about that?

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Thong Sandals

thong sandals outdated summer shoe trends 2023

We’ve probably all owned a pair of thong sandals at one point, so we’re familiar with how uncomfortable they can be. The fact is that there’s no size fits all and this continues to be a shoe of choice for many people. However, the flashy embellished metallic design has been out of style for a while now, and in 2023 it’s time we leave it in the past for good!


the row black flatforms summer shoe trends ideas 2023 elegant sporty casual style

You don’t need to say goodbye to the T straps forever! A modern alternative to the well-known thong straps is the 90s flatforms. Thanks to The Row, these sandals became one of the most popular shoes of choice for celebrities such as Zoë Kravitz, Kendall Jenner, and Jennifer Lawrence.

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