DIY Moss Wall Art for Interiors: Advantages, Simple Step-By-Step Instructions, Care Tips

by Kremy

Would you like to bring the green freshness and exotic touch of the moss garden into your home? You can do that very easily with a DIY moss wall art for decorating a wall. Use our instructions to create an eye-catching DIY moss picture that will definitely delight the whole family and add uniqueness to your home.

What Advantages Does Moss Bring to the Interior?

easy diy moss wall art decor ideas

There are a number of benefits of moss planting and you can enjoy moss not only in the garden but also in the house.

  • Moss can improve indoor air quality through bio-filtration. How does it work? Air pollutants are absorbed by the moss, converted into carbon dioxide and water, and then released as clean air.
  • Moss is easy to care for. If you are looking for a way to grow a small indoor garden without a lot of work, moss is the perfect choice. It needs very little sunlight and all you need to do is keep it moist by occasionally spraying it lightly with water to keep it fresh and green.
  • A moss wall can also create a calming and aesthetic environment.

Types of Moss Plants That You Can Use

What types of moss are suitable for a DIY moss wall art project? Basically there are two main categories of moss. First, there are the types of mosses that grow upright and have a dense formation. They grow slowly. These are species such as fork moss, cushion moss and reindeer moss. The other species, which include fern moss and leaf moss, grow relatively fast. You can buy preserved moss for your moss crafts.

How to Create a Simple Homemade Moss Wall Art with a Wooden Frame?

diy moss wall art for interiors advantages simple step by step instructions care tips


The materials you need to make your own moss wall art are simple and can be found at any craft store.

What you need:

  • wooden frame
  • glue gun
  • glue sticks
  • Different types of moss (you can also buy a pack of different mosses)
  • Preserved Fern Leaves
  • Succulent of your choice as an added touch

how to make a simple moss art with a wooden frame

Easy DIY Moss Wall Art – Step-By-Step Instructions:

This DIY moss frame is super easy to make and will definitely refresh your interior. It is also easy to care for. Use moss plants of different colors for a colorful effect and mix the colors until you like the look.

  • First create your design. After arranging the moss plants, add a few preserved fern leaves to accentuate the exotic flair of your craft.
  • Glue your plants to the frame as desired. Use hot glue to do this.
  • If you want to add succulents, you can just hot glue them into the moss. You need to mist the succulents occasionally.
  • Hang the wall decoration. This is how easy it is to make your own moss wall art.

DY Moss Wall Art with a Tray

how to make moss wall art with a wooden tray

What you need:

  • Wooden tray
  • Wood stain – water based
  • stain brush
  • glue sticks
  • cardboard or foam
  • foam brush
  • screw
  • drill
  • Plastic anchors for drywall
  • different types of moss

diy moss wall decoration with a wooden tray

DY Moss Wall Art Instructions:

  • Stain the tray on both sides, inside and outside. It is advisable to apply two coats of stain to protect the wood.
  • Attach the bracket for the suspension and the screw holes. When drilling, be sure to drill the holes from the inside of the tray. Insert the screws from the back of the frame.
  • If you’re using a large tray with high sides, you’ll need to build up the bottom of the tray so you don’t need extra moss. Use cardboard for this purpose. Glue a few layers of cardboard to the bottom.  An alternative is to use foam for the bottom of the tray. Cut the foam to size and glue it to the bottom of the tray.
  • Take the types of moss you have chosen for your moss mural and design a layout. Arrange the different types of moss until you are happy with your design.
  • Heat the glue gun and start gluing the moss pieces to the bottom. Add the moss gradually until done.
  • Now you can hang up the moss decoration. Insert a drywall anchor into the wall. Then take a screw, put it in the hole, screw it into the anchor and hang the moss wall decoration.

How to Care for Your Moss Wall Art?

how long will your moss wall decoration live

Do you need to water a DIY moss wall art? No. You should not water most types of preserved moss. Just spray lightly with water occasionally when it gets too hot in the room. What kind of care does your moss wall decor need? Try to keep your moss craft as dust-free as possible. An anti-static duster would be perfect for cleaning. Be careful not to damage the tender moss plants.

Where to Hang Your Moss Wall Decoration?

Do not hang your indoor moss garden in direct sunlight, as UV rays cause the plants to fade over time. Place your moss pictures in places that get enough shade. This will bring freshness and vibrant flair to shady corners of the house and you certainly have such corners in your interiors. Remember that moss likes moisture and shade, so you can use it to decorate a bathroom wall.

where to hang your moss wall decoration

How Long Will Your Moss Wall Decoration Live Indoors?

Moss plants can live indoors for several years, and the exact lifespan depends on the moss species: Reindeer moss is the most popular choice for wall panels and decorative mosaics, and can last more than five years before it needs to be replaced.



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