Tinkerbell Bangs and Top Knot Hairstyle – Find Out How to Rock the Fairy Look This Spring!

by Kremy

Tinkerbell bangs and top knot hairstyle became hugely popular when celebrities like Kendall Jenner, Emma Watson and Perrie Edwards appeared with the fairy look. Disney’s fairy hairstyle from the movie Peter Pan is actually a cute messy bun with side swept bangs. Do you want to rock the Tinkerbell look? Read on and find out how to do a Tinkerbell hairstyle by yourself!

Tinkerbell Bangs and Top Knot Hairstyle – How to Get the Fairy Look?

tinkerbell bangs and top knot hairstyle how to rock the fairy look this spring

Every year we see the return of classic haircuts with a modern twist. This year ponytail hairstyles are all the rage, half up half down hair remains a popular hairdo not only for everyday but for special occasions like prom and wedding. The garcon haircut is back with a trendy twist and the classic short bob has a new version – the Slob haircut! The same is valid for bangs. Baby bangs are trendy, curtain bangs went viral and we get to the fantastic Tinkerbell bangs and top knot hairstyle! Basically, there are two methods to achieve the Tinkerbell look. One of them is pretty obvious – you should have bangs and medium length or long hair to do the bun. The other method is to copy the look with fake bangs.

How to Style Your Hair Like Tinkerbell?

how to style your hair like tinkerbell


For decades a classic top knot or high bun was associated with ballerinas. However, this cute updo is becoming one of the biggest hair trends and despite its simplicity, this hairstyle offers a playful, even a bit mischievous look, which can be worn for every day, and as we saw from the celebrities – on formal events.

high bun and bangs tinkerbell hair ideas

Besides the iconic high bun, the Tinkerbell bangs give the hairstyle its signature look. The bangs end over the eyebrows and gently frame the face accenting on the eyes beautifully. You can easily style the bangs swept to one side which makes the hairstyle so relaxed and playful, fun and even flirtatious.

DIY Tinkerbell Bangs and Top Knot Hairstyle – A Chic and Effortless High Bun Hairdo

diy tinkerbell bangs and top knot hairstyle

Are you ready to try the Tinkerbell bangs and top knot hairstyle? You will need some bobby pins, a brush, bun maker (hair donut), hairspray and hair bands. Here’s how to do the Tinkerbell hairstyle:

  • Brush your hair and tie it in a high ponytail.
  • Next, slip the ponytail in the bun maker, take the hair and let it fall over the top of the hair donut. Make sure the hair covers the bun maker evenly.
  • Take an elastic band and slip it over the bun. Then wrap the strands of the ponytail evenly around the bun pillow, twisting them as you go. Wrap the twisted hair all around the base of the bun.
  • Now pin the ends under the bun.
  • To complete the fairy look you can tie a green ribbon into a nice bow around the bun.
  • Finally, style your bangs on the side, fix everything with hairspray and your Tinkerbell bangs and top knot hairstyle is done!

How to Make Fake Tinkerbell Bangs?

how to make fake tinkerbell bangs


You want to rock the Tinkerbell hairstyle but you don’t have bangs? Don’t worry! We shall tell you how to style Tinkerbell bangs without cutting your hair. This is a very simple technique to get fake Tinkerbell bangs using your own hair. Here is a step-by-step guide:

  • First, we do a high ponytail and with the help of a comb or your fingers, take a section of the front part of the hair.
  • To keep the rest of your hair out of the way, tie it in a ponytail.
  • Now, take the tips of the section of hair you just collected and put it over the head in the desired length.
  • When you are happy with the length of the bangs, secure them on top of your head with a few bobby pins.
  • Style the bangs on the side and do the bun.
  • Your Tinkerbell hairstyle is ready!


Add Eye Catching Braids to The Tinkerbell Hairstyle for a Modern Touch

incorporate eye catching braids into the trendy hairstyle

A Simple Yet Chic Hairdo – The Tinkerbell Bangs of Megan Fox Accent Her Eyes

the tinkerbell bangs of megan fox accent her eyes

A Messy High Bun and Fringe – The Perfect Look for Every Day

a messy high bun and tinkerbell fringe the perfect look for every day

A Quick and Easy Hairdo for Any Occasion

diy tinkerbell bangs and top knot hairstyle a chic and effortless high bun hairdo


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