What Dress for Women over 70: Stylish Ideas for a Neat and Elegant Look after 70!

by Anjelina

A woman’s desire to look beautiful is not influenced by her age. And what more feminine garment than a dress? After 70, it’s even more recommendable to wear it, because besides giving an elegantly chic and neat look, it’s also very comfortable – considering modern trends, there’s no problem wearing a dress with a pair of comfortable sneakers. But all that is to be talked about in the next lines, as we will look at the options for a suitable dress for women over 70!

What dress is suitable for women over 70?

black dress for women over 70 leather coat

There are some peculiarities when it comes to dresses for older ladies. As for fabrics, see-through ones are totally inappropriate. They look extremely unacceptable, regardless of how great a figure you have for your age. Besides, cheap fabric and inappropriate cuts would prove to be a hindrance to your good looks. Pay attention to the quality of the dresses and stick to looser and classic cuts that are not tight and body-hugging. Avoid too bright colors, too extravagant prints and patterns, which are more suitable for young people. Neutrals and tones close to nature are preferable.

mixed colors dark purple dress for women over 70


What length dress should a 70 year old wear?

Women after the age of 70 should wear dresses as they give them a feminine, elegant and noble look. The ideal length is considered to be knee-length or longer, but never shorter as it looks inappropriate.

Dress for women over 70: Stylish look ideas

beige knee length simple dress and black coat

We have prepared several ideas for dresses suitable for women over 70, so that you can achieve a stylish and neat look both in everyday life and for special occasions. Let’s see which types of dresses are worth your attention!

Shirt dresses

shirt dress striped summer option for women over 70

For hot summer days, it’s a good idea to consider getting one or more shirt dresses, which, besides looking very stylish and fashionable, are usually made of light breathable fabrics, so you’ll feel as comfortable as possible. As for footwear, you can choose a pair of closed sandals, sneakers or summer loafers.

Classic mix of black and gray

knee length black dress and gray accessories

If you’re wondering what kind of dress would be suitable for meeting friends for a cup of coffee or attending a theater play, for example, it’s a good idea to go for the classic black. It doesn’t have to be a strictly formal dress, of course! As you can see, you can choose a knee-length one whose bottom part is flared and gives you a fresh and young look. Pair it with some gray accessories and shoes and enjoy the compliments you are sure to receive.

Red is not to be neglected

red is a good choice for casual and formal dresses

Red is another classic color that may attract too much attention, but that’s definitely no reason to avoid it in everyday life or for special occasions. For example, you can choose a beautiful red maxi dress to wear with your favorite pair of comfortable sneakers (on the left in the picture). And for an important event you can opt for a classic red dress (on the right), with a straight silhouette that is just below the knee in length, and the sleeves come up to the elbows – a great choice for warmer days. Either way, remember that accessories are very important and should be chosen tastefully and in moderation.

Geometric patterns

geometric pattern in black and white wrap dress for women over 70

As already mentioned, as you get older it’s a good idea to avoid too extravagant prints (like animal prints for example). However, this doesn’t apply to the simpler options. For example, a woman over 70 wearing a dress with geometric white and black patterns certainly looks younger and neater. Also, if you like the wrap dresses that have been in vogue lately, don’t think they are just for the young – you can wear them too, and if you are worried about them being too revealing, you can wear a blouse under the dress, keeping in mind the colors of the print.

Casual dresses for women over 70: Summer dress in white

white summer dresses for women over 70

With hot summer days approaching, it’s worth thinking about what you have in your wardrobe and what’s good to buy to keep up with the trends, to look stylish and fashionable after 70. Lightweight natural fabrics such as cotton and linen are particularly suitable for hot days, so it’s a good idea to look for a dress made from a similar material. White is a great option as it looks fresh, modern and creates associations with a clean and neat look.

Floral motifs and warm colors

floral motifs warm colors outfit idea for over 70

Floral motifs are also suitable for dresses for women over 70, but, of course, you should not overdo the variety of colors, but stick to a harmonious combination that is pleasing to the eye. For example, you can choose a dress with large flowers depicted in different sizes and colors that are of the same or similar range. Add a one-color jacket that is almost as long as the dress to achieve a sleek and modern look.

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