What Is The French Crop Haircut? Find If It Suits Your Face Shape!

by Gabby

What do men usually look for in a hairstyle? I think the first thing that comes up in your head is for the haircut to look good and the second is to be easy to maintain. Some people who don’t have time to go to the hairdresser, often resort to doing it themselves at home. Well done to those of you who are so brave! Today I’m going to present to you with a hairstyle with those two qualities – super trendy and very easy to maintain. It was super famous back in the 90’s, however the French Crop is gaining a lot of popularity today! What is this hairstyle? How to wear it? Check it out now!

What is the French crop haircut?

french crop haircut for wavy hair ideas for men hairstyle trends 20232

Gents, if you are ready to save time worrying how to style your haircut, try out the French crop cut! It goes with every hair texture and every face shape. What is it exactly? The sides and the back of your hair should be shaved or ask your hairdresser for a buzz cut on the sides. The top of the hair should be left longer. If you have straight locks, you can style them with gel, and if they are longer you can do the slicked back version. For the men with wavy or curly hair, you have the perfect way to wear this messy style.

The messier it is, the more stylish it will look. The vibe of the hairstyle itself is “just got out of the bed, but I already know I look good”. I would recommend to not try hard to maintain it. Embrace it and love your natural hair. If you want more volume, you can add mousse.

buzz cut french crop hairstyle for men trends 2023


Is the French crop good for chubby face?

If you have a round face with chubby cheeks and you are wondering if you should try this haircut the answer is YES! This hairstyle has a slimming effect that will elongate your face features and if you have a beard, it might even create the illusion of snatched jawline. Don’t forget to ask for layers on the top, since you want the focus to be on your haircut, which will draw the attention away from your cheeks.

Can anyone get a French crop?

This hairstyle suits everyone, since it is not only easy to maintain, but it is also easy to style. It does not require much attention to the side, and the top should be left as it is. And I know you probably heard of this haircut, because of Peaky Blinders and you are now wondering if you should have the same jawline, in order to achieve the same effect. No, you don’t! Leave it in the hands of your barber and ask him for the Shelby haircut! Then you will see what’s the hype about!

shelby haircut french crop men trends 2023 ideas

Men hair trends 2023: French crop haircut ideas

french crop haircut 2023 men hairstyle trends

Nick Jonas French crop haircut

nick jonas french crop haircut men hairstyle 2023

Make it interesting with a line that separates the top with the shaved sides!

french crop haircut with a line at the top straight hair men 2023

French crop cut with completely shaved sides!

french crop hairstyle for curly hair

French crop hairstyle for wavy hair

french crop hairstyle for wavy hair men trends 2023

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