The Shelby Haircut: Let’s Try Out a Hairstyle The Peaky Blinders Way!

by Gabby

We have to admit that men are harder to inspire to change their appearance than us women. They realize early on which hairstyle suits them and keep asking their hairdresser for the same thing, because they know it will not be a mistake. Well, I do want to tell you, gentlemen, that you are blessed with a secret advantage and that is that your hair grows much faster and this allows you to experiment more. And what better way to get inspired than to watch one of the best shows ever – Peaky Blinders? This gang became famous not only because we like the characters but also their iconic hairstyles, especially that of Tommy Shelby! If you want to really impress a special lady, then let’s see how to achieve the Shelby haircut easily and how to wear it in 2023!

tommy shelby haircut peaky blinders men hair trends 2023

What is Thomas Shelby’s haircut called?

If you have watched Peaky Blinders, you probably wondered what is that haircut that all the characters are wearing. Tommy Shelby, who is the main character in the show, definitely set the tone for the trend. His hairstyle is called the Textured French Crop and it has this sharp undercut and a lot of hair on top. The sides and the back are shaved and styled in a very unique way for each of the Shelby boys. But why are they all having this hairstyle, you may ask? According to Laura Schiavo, the makeup and hair designer for the show, she choose the same look for the Peaky Blinders, so it will be harder to tell them apart while wearing their iconic hats, since as you know they are engaging into a lot of criminal activities.

It is not only for the eye candy and aesthetic reasons though… Shaved haircuts were very popular among criminals back in time, and as you know the show is based on a real story. For the gents out there, who are ready to dive into the Blinders world, do not worry! Nobody would think you are a criminal now! These haircuts are adapted in the show in the most trendy and modernistic way possible, so you can adapt them easily in 2023!

shelby haircut peaky blinders men hair trends 2023 undercut textured french crop


Shelby haircut: How to wear it in 2023?

thomas shelby peaky blinders haircut men hairstyle trends

I don’t think that there is a hairdresser that doesn’t know how to do the Shelby haircut. Thomas Shelby undercut hairstyle can be achieved if you have grown your hair a little longer in the past month, so you can leave it long on the top. The sides and the back should be shaved as I mentioned and you can experiment with different lengths and textures. This will help you find the right one according to your face shape. If you want to style it, you can use mouse, gel or pomade.

Shelby Haircut: Slicked Back Undercut

arthur shelby slicked back undercut men hairstyle trends french crop

Tommy Shelby’s haircut was not the only one that stole the spotlight. Arthur’s haircut was his absolute signature and it was a little bit different. Instead of the French Crop, he has the slicked back undercut. Although the sides and back are also chopped, Tom’s are significantly shorter. The top hair, in fact, is way longer and straighter, which makes it perfect for men with naturally straight hair. Men with such an undercut appear less risk-taking yet more striking.

John Shelby haircut

john shelby haircut undercut crop men hairstyle short hair 2023

If you want the John Shelby look, then you have to think of his haircut as the perfect mixture between Tom’s French crop and Arthur’s slicked back undercut. The sides are entirely shaved off, the top is a little bit shorter than Arthur’s hairstyle and it is slicked back in the same way. Again, I would recommend this for men that already have straight hair. Of course, you can try it out with wavy hair, however you can experience some curling during the day. Make sure to pick up really strong product that will help you maintain the hair.

French crop haircut

french crop undercut hairstyle for men haircut trends

If you don’t want to spend a lot of time in front of the mirror, wondering how to style your hair, then the French crop undercut is here for you! This haircut is really easy to maintain and you can achieve it with any texture you want. Even if you have curly or wavy hair, you can easily adapt it the way it fits your preferences and face shape. As you may know, during each season of the Peaky Blinders, Tommy Shelby’s hair length changes, so you can even try it shorter than shown on the picture. And if you want to get more inspiration for a trendy men haircut, check out the wet mop hairstyle that you can try out with an undercut as well!

Peaky Blinders haircut ideas

textured french crop undercut for men ideas for hairstyles 2023

French crop undercut for curly hair

french crop undercut for curly hair

Soft undercut French crop hairstyle

soft french crop hairstyle with undercut men hair trends ideas advice

Another easy to style French crop variation

men hairstyle for short hair french crop undercut

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