Wet Mop Hairstyle: Check Out How to Get The Famous TikTok Haircut!

by Gabby

Men also like to pay attention to their appearance and since most don’t wear makeup, their biggest weapon is their beard and hairstyle. Today, we are just going to talk about one of the most buzzed hairstyles lately. As much as I don’t want to admit it, TikTok often dictates on what the trends will be this year. We’re constantly seeing new and novel things that prompt people to experiment. Such is the case with the wet haircut for men. What is this hairstyle? How to style it? Gentlemen, now is your moment to find out!

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What is a wet mop haircut?

The wet mop hairstyle is also known as “The TikTok haircut”, because it became a huge hit among famous influencers in 2021. It is mostly worn by men and you can recognize it by its messy appearance, hence the name. And no, it does not have to be wet! The hairstyle is longer at the front and it has short sides. The front is usually very wavy or curly and it gives you that casual and relaxed vibe. The TikTok famous boys like Bryce Hall, Noah Beck and Josh Richards are the ones that put this hairstyle back on the trends. We can even say that it was their signature. However, in the 1960s The Beatles had their own vision for this style and it was called the “mop top”. So, I hate to break it to you boys, but The Beatles knew more about hairstyle way before you!

noah beck haircut wet mop hairstyle men hair trends 2023


How do you style a wet mob hairstyle?

There are a few ways to get this particular hairdo. The first is as simple as letting your traditional haircut grow out without brushing it. And two, show your hairstylist a picture of the hairstyle that you can find in this article. Some hairdressers can easily get confused with the bowl cut, since it has the same messy vibe to it. However, fear not, although it does have the same overall length, it lacks the crazily sharp edges that distinguish the bowl haircut.

If you want the wet mop hairstyle to look its best, you have to know that hair volume is essential here. Due to this fact, the gentlemen with wavy or curly hair will have an advantage when it comes to styling and maintaining it. If you have straight hair, you will need more time to give your hairdo this “just got out of the bed” style! Keep an eye to find the perfect mouse, texturizing spray, volume shampoo and prepare to do a lot of scrunching, so you can get this curly effect in the front.

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What to ask for when getting a wet mop haircut?

What better way to explain what exactly do you want from your hairdresser, than showing a picture or a video? I know it may seem like a really difficult task to get this haircut, however you will be surprised, I guarantee. Especially if you have a grown curly or wavy hair, you can simply ask for a cut on the sides and at the back. You can also check out this video, where an expert shows a tutorial on how to achieve the Noah Beck haircut. As I already mentioned, the wet mop hairstyle is one of the things he is known for. And if you are not ready to take the plunge for this one, check out the other trendy men hairstyle – the blowout haircut 2023!

What is a mop-top haircut called?

In the 60s, the fashion icons were for sure The Beatles! Their haircut style became super popular. The reason is that until then, no one dared to go for this look. The haircut was called the mop top also known as “Artur”. The interesting story behind it, actually. They got inspired from Jürgen Vollmer, their friend, whom they asked for the hairstyle. He cut their hair right in the middle of his hotel room. And now, apparently this hairstyle is reincarnated in the wet mop hairstyle trend. So, essentially… The Beatles walked, so Bryce Hall can run!

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