What to Plant in April – Vegetables and Flowers to Sow in the Garden

by Kremy

It is spring and Nature is awakening to life. Trees are slowly turning green and the first flowers appear in the lawns. This is also the ideal time for garden work. The middle of spring is the most productive period for many gardeners. This period of the year is the time for planting various crops and the unstable weather should not prevent gardeners from starting work. So, what to plant in April? What vegetables and flowers can be sown? Find out the answers in the paragraphs below!

What to Plant in April – Start with Vegetables and Greens

what to plant in april vegetables and flowers to sow in the garden

Many people who are new to gardening aren’t quite sure what to plant in April. But we are here to help! Are you ready for some garden work? Let’s go then! Outdoor planting of early vegetables can begin.

Greens and Leafy Vegetables

what greens and leafy vegetables to plant in april


In April, plant leafy vegetables and herbs. Lettuce, arugula, parsley, oregano, dill, cilantro and leaf mustard, chard, kale, etc. are planted at the beginning of the month. To protect plants from possible cold weather, it is recommended to cover the plants at night.


when to plant peas

To be happy with your pea crop, you need to give it plenty of sun and air. Plant the seeds directly into beds, pressing them down gently.


what vegetables to plant in april carrots

The peculiarity of carrot seeds is a long germination. Sprouts appear only after 2-3 weeks. Carrots prefer well-lit places, light soils with no stagnant moisture.


what to plant in april tomatoes

Tomatoes are a heat-loving crop, they do not tolerate changes in temperature. That is why it is better to plant tomato seedlings in the open ground closer to the end of the month. If you are growing tomatoes in a greenhouse, you can plant them in the beginning of April.

Planting Cruciferous Varieties

plant cruciferous varieties late april early may

Late April-early May is the time to prepare seedlings of broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage for planting in the ground. The beds should be in a well-lit and draught-free place.


pepper seedlings planting in late april

Pepper seedlings are planted in greenhouses at the same time as tomatoes, when the ground is thoroughly warmed up. When growing pepper outdoors, the time of planting should be postponed to the end of the month because at lower temperatures the seedlings will stop in development and fruit-bearing will be delayed.

What Other Vegetables to Plant in April?

what vegetables to plant in spring april

  • Green Onions
  • Cucumbers
  • Potatoes
  • Beetroot
  • Leeks
  • Radish
  • Turnip
  • Zucchini
  • Pumpkins
  • Squash
  • Sweet corn

What Flowers to Plant in April?

what flowers to plant in april

In the spring it is recommended to plant fast-growing flowers. These can be annuals or perennials. In the first case, they bloom in 2-3 months and please throughout the season. Experienced gardeners advise to plant perennials in a permanent place. Choose plants that will survive ground frosts. If you are not sure that the ground temperature will allow our flowers to grow, try planting them in a pot. Plants prepared in this way can be planted in the garden or decorate the balcony. So, what flowers to plant in April?


plant primroses in spring mid april

Primroses do great in cooler temperatures. They prefer cooler temperatures and you can plant them in April without any problem. Taking care of primroses is fairly easy, but you should not allow them to dry out. Water primroses in the morning to prevent the risk of freezing.


plant marigolds on a sunny spot

Plant marigold seeds in a sunny spot. The flowers appear 2 to 3 months after planting. Marigold is a moisture-loving plant and should be watered every few days.


plant dahlia bulbs in april until the beginning of may

Plant Dahlia bulbs in April until the beginning of May and it will bloom until autumn. It likes full sun and lots of water


what flowers to plant in april snapdragons

Usually Snapdragons are planted by the end of March, but a delay of 1-2 weeks is not fatal. The flowers are grouped in clusters and are spaced almost the entire length of the stem. Easy to grow and flowering all summer, the Snapdragon is a very popular garden flower.


plant pansies in the garden or in pots

Pansies look great in the garden as well as on the balcony. They are quite robust, but it is best to plant them in decorative pots, thanks to which we will be sure that they will not freeze. Remember that they do not like excessive watering.

Ornamental Cabbage

ornamental cabbage plants to plant in april

Ornamental cabbage is a beautiful plant. It is undemanding and tolerates short-term frosts in spring. Short cold periods are favorable for the color of the cabbage and make its leaves richer. The plant prefers sunny beds, but will also grow in partial shade. However, its coloring will fade a little.

California poppy

plant california poppies in spring

California poppy is a small plant with beautiful yellow flowers that please the eye from June until the end of September. It is a light-loving plant and blooms better in well-lit areas.



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