Plants that Repel Mice and Rats: Save Your Home from Rodents!

by Snezhana Besarabova

There are aromatic plants that repel mice and rats and prevent these creatures from invading your home or garden. Mice and rats, also called rodents, are sensitive to the smells of these plants and run away from them. Knowing this, you can take these repellent herbs home and grow them yourself. It is an excellent eco-friendly solution to use aromatic plants to keep mice and rats away from your living area. You may grow these herbs around the home, mostly in places where rodents can enter. Or, if you live in a flat, it’s possible to grow them in pots. These aromatic plants will not only help you against rats and mice, but will fill the space with beauty and scent. We are going to give you some tips on how to grow aromatic plants that repel mice and rats, and save your home from rodents!

What plants do rats hate the most?

plants that repel mice and rats sage mint onion

Some herbs with a strong smell are the most effective repellents for unwelcome rodents. These are mint (peppermint is even stronger), sage, lavender, rosemary, basil and oregano. Garlic and onion, especially garlic, also powerfully repel rodents. All these plants are easy to be grown in the garden, as well as in big pots at home.

Spearmint: At the top of plants that repel mice and rats

plants that repel mice and rats mint or sage in a pot


Mint is a strong repellent against rats and mice, and this plant has different varieties. It is thought that spearmint has the best effect against unwanted rodents. So, if you are trying to decide which plant to use, spearmint deserves to be chosen!

Mint is a perennial herb that will thrive well in every place where there is a lot of sun. You should keep the plant watered when there is not enough rain in the summer. Mint can be grown easily in a container, if you live in a flat.

Sage: Among plants that mice and rats don’t like at all

plants to keep mice and rats away sage in pot at home

Sage is a repellent plant for rodents and is easy to grow. When planted outside in temperate regions, it will grow as a perennial herb and overwinter well. In warmer and colder regions, sage will develop well as an annual plant. You should choose soil with a good drainage for the sage, where sun or light is available most of the day.

Lavender: Protection against rodents and mosquitoes

plants to keep mice and rats away lavender in the garden

Growing lavender is a common choice for many people, even if they do not have to push away rats or mice. This plant is grown for its lovely scent and the wonderful purple flowers.

Lavender is also easy to grow in pots and develops well there. The plant requires warmth, plenty of sun, but it’s drought tolerant and grows without fertilizers. Because of the fast growth, lavender is suitable for creating a repelling barrier not only against mice and rats, but it can also help keep mosquitoes away.

Garlic and onion: Superb plants to keep mice and rats away

what plants do mice and rats hate garlic and onion

Rats and mice surely do not like the smell of garlic and onion. So, if you have a garden, you should definitely grow these plants. Keep in mind that garlic and onion need well-draining soil, plenty of sun, and grow well, planted early in spring.

Though, if you live in a flat, it’s a good idea to use garlic as a mouse and rat repellent, instead of planting it. Just add a purée of five cloves of garlic into a pint (½ l) of water. Then spray with this home-made solution anywhere in the rooms, where mice or rats appear.

Other eco-friendly mice and rats repellents

what plants do mice and rats hate coffe grounds

Coffee grounds are among the eco-friendly repellents, as they smell unpleasant for rodents. All you should do is sprinkle coffee grounds around the rooms or in the garden. If you are not a coffee drinker, it’s possible to use cayenne pepper instead. Though, be careful with this pepper, because it will be painful for your dog, cat or other pet, if they smell it.

Plants that repel mice and rats & ultrasonic devices

plants that repel mice and rats & ultrasonic devices

The ultrasonic devices, plugged in to an electrical outlet, drive away rodents with high-pitched sounds that are not heard by humans. They are not always very effective, but with their help the repelling power of plants will be strengthened.

Ultrasonic devices can even double the effect of mint, sage and other herbs against mice and rats! They should not be used outdoors, as in that way you’ll be disturbing the living creatures in the garden. Plug the ultrasonic device into the basement or in the attic outlet of your home to protect against rodents.

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