What Are Cloud Nails? Find If You Can Mirror The Sky Onto Your Manicure!

by Gabby

Spring is the season that inspires us every year to change a little something in our lives or with our looks. With its arrival we have a beautiful color pallet that will spark our imagination to choose new outfits, or a new manicure! Today, we are here with a trend that is coming back from the past again. It is certainly not minimalistic, if that is what you are hoping for. But it’s the spring, right? We can allow ourselves to go over the top with shades and decorations! Let’s talk about cloud nails! What are they? How to adapt this nail design in 2023? Let’s check it out!

cloud nails spring manicure trends 2023 blue and white decoration neon

What are cloud nails?

Cloud nails are exactly what you imagine them to be like. Essentially, the nail art became super popular in the early 2019, after the perfume Cloud by Ariana Grande came up in 2018. Ariana presented us with this kind of cloudy aesthetic and people loved it. We have seen a lot of nail art with drawn clouds, which are glossy or matte, combines with different decorations like stars, rainbows, etc. The colors can be different, but the most common ones are blue, purple, pink and white – the shades that we can see in the sky. There are many different variations to try out and I am sure your manicure will stand out. It is perfect for the spring and it is super cute. When I look at it, it brings me joy and happiness and it brings me back in time when I was a kid and used to watch the Care Bears. These nails give out the same vibe, but now in a childish way! You can personalize them and make them as elegant and sophisticated as possible!

cloud nails with moon and stars decoration manicure inspiration for 2023


Try matte cloud nails for a trendy look in the spring!

matte nails pink manicure 2023 spring ideas clouds rainbows

With Hailey Bieber’s glazed donut nails being so popular in the past year, we are all so used to searching for that glossy effect, that we often forget about matte nails. When decorated properly, they can also look very chic. If you want something cool for the spring time, try adapting this version of the cloud nails. The nail art is very subtle, because of the pastel colors and the clouds are super minimalistic. The matte nail polish is making the manicure look more wearable.

Ombre nails

ombre nails 2023 spring manicure trends purple blue with clouds

If you love the gradient effect of ombre nails, then you are going to adore the selection of shades for this cloud nail design! I am not going to lie, this is definitely my favorite nail art that includes this Ariana Grande effect, like I love calling it. If you are taking the risk and trying out different things this year, then I suggest try this pastel magic! Your manicure will be not only trendy, but you can match it with your spring outfits.

Cloud nails for women over 50

cloud nails for women over 50 mature manicure ideas 2023

I don’t like the stigmas, when it comes to nail trends or even trends in general. If you love something, wear it with pride and don’t think twice about it! For mature ladies, who are also in love with this trend, as much as I am, go to your nail artist and ask for this nail art! You can use subtle nail shades, or adapt them in the classic blue and white, as shown on the picture! If you need more inspiration, check out nail designs for older ladies that will transform your hands!

Abstract nail art

abstract nails art cloud manicure spring trends 2023

Abstract nails are one of my favorite way to express yourself through art. Think about your nails as they are little canvas that you can draw on and play with different shades. You can even create abstract clouds decoration as shown on the picture. Use a nail polish that is nude for the base, so that the rest of the colors can pop out. You can even try recreating this manicure at home, since you don’t have to draw a specific decoration. All you have to do is let your imagination guide you. This way it will be even more interesting when you find out what you made and your cloud nails will be unique!

Cloud nails for dark skin

nail designs for dark skin spring manicure trends 2023 cloud decoration

Let me give you a little heads up – this manicure trend will make your dark skin glow! Don’t let yourself fall into the clichés that dark skin can’t be well-matched with every color out there. It is spring time, so you have to allow yourself to play with vibrant color that express our current mood. I want to inspire you even more for this season, so check out the eye-catching nail designs for dark skin!

Other cloud nails ideas

pastel nails 2023 spring trends cloud decoration

French manicure with clouds

spring french manicure cloud nails design

Abstract nails: Pink manicure ideas for this spring 2023

abstract nail art cloud manicure decoration pink

Elegant cloud nails with rhinestones

elegant chic manicure design with rhinestones pastel colors

Blue velvet nails with cloud decoration

velvet nails with cloud decoration spring 2023 manicure design

Simple cloud nails

easy interesting cloud nails design

Cloud nails for dark skin ideas 2023

cloud nails for dark skin ideas manicure trends

Pink nails: Spring manicure designs 2023

cute candy nails with cloud and rainbow decoration spring trends 2023

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