12 Bucket Hat Outfits Proving That the 90s are Back in Full Effect

by Stephanie Yankova

I’ve been a massive hat collector my whole life and one of my staple pieces has always been a good old bucket hat that somehow seemed to go with every single one of my outfits regardless of the season! As a 90s kid, I’m overjoyed to see that the bucket hat is making a comeback this year along with so many other iconic fashion pieces from that era, and let me tell you – this is a trend you’ll want to hop on! Because of the current high demand for the bucket hats, there are countless variations of the classic OG design on the market at the moment – from big furry colorful Jamiroquai-esque hats to leather, vinyl, and even crochet – the bucket hats are going to be all the craze in 2023! Let’s not waste any more time and take a look at some of the most awe-inspiring street looks that are going to show you how to style a bucket hat like a 90s babe!

summer trends 2023 bucket hat outfits styling guide

What Face do Bucket Hats Suit?

Choosing the right hat for the shape of your head can be tricky sometimes, especially if the hat has a more structured design. Bucket hats work really well for square-shaped faces, as well as rectangle and oblong face structures.

Bucket Hat Outfits For Spring 2023

neutral nude tones natural materials bucket hat outfits spring trends 2023


The bucket hat is one of the most beloved pieces of accessories by celebrities such as Rihanna, Hailey Bieber, Bella Hadid, and many more! It’s become an inseparable part of some of the most iconic street-style moments that we’ve been carefully studying since the beginning of the year. Don’t worry, we’re not going to gatekeep! Here are some of the most envy-worthy bucket hat outfits of the season that we can’t wait to try out!

Crochet Bucket Hat

crochet bucket hat dua lipa street style inspo 2023

Vibrant red utility pants, a black leather jacket, and a pink and red crochet bucket hat? This combination of textiles is definitely one for the books and let me tell you – I’m not hating the little Flintstones graphic tee either! Famously worn by Hailey Bieber on the cover of Vogue, the red and pink crochet bucket hat has become an absolute crowd favorite, especially for the warmer seasons as it brings a joyous and fun feeling!

Vibrant Orange Accent Hat

paris fashion week street style casual bucket hat outfit

Styling nudes with bold vibrant colors is one of the biggest trends that we saw emerging during this Spring’s Fashion Week shows and this look is a proud representative! An easy trick to work with nudes and eclectic colors is to stay within the same color range – with shades of brown and orange this outfit is an absolute textbook masterpiece!

Tartan Bucket Hat

denim dungarees white tee street style casual bucket hat

One of the most recognizable tartan patterns is the one of Burberry and if you own of their staple bucket hats make sure you wear it as much as you possibly can this year because tartan is one of the biggest 90s trends making a comeback in 2023! Super versatile, this hat can be effortlessly styled with a pair of blue denim dungarees, a classic white tee, and a pair of OG Converse All-Star sneakers!

Corduroy Bucket Hat

corduroy bucket hat outfit inspiration office casual 2023

Who said that bucket hats are only for street style? This office causal look proves that personal style has no limitations and shows an easy way to style a corduroy navy blue hat within a coherent color scheme for the rest of the outfit!

All-white Bucket Hat Outfits

all white outfit prada bucket hat spring 2023

Probably one of the most viral bucket hat designs that we’ve seen on the market in the last couple of years is the Prada bucket hat which continues to be just as trendy to this day! This all-white outfit shows that you don’t need color in order to attract all eyes to yourself.  An oversized blazer with a mini skirt and cropped sparkly top? We are here for this casual glam moment!

Bella Hadid’s Furry Bucket Hat

bella hadid furry bucket hat street style everyday outfit ideas

When it comes to street style inspo Bella Hadid is my ultimate fashion guru and once again she did not disappoint! Firstly, let’s talk about this black trench coat in combination with a graphic black hoodie that I am absolutely obsessed with! And then add the furry bucket hat? This is an everyday outfit worth stealing!

Colorful Patterns and Metallic Accessories

colorful patterns khaki silver chrome boots bucket hat styling inspo

At this point, we should all be familiar with one of the most talked about trends in the fashion and beauty world in the last 2 years – metallics! These silver chrome boots and cross-shoulder back are guaranteed to elevate every outfit regardless of the occasion and the colorful bucket hat is the unexpected little detail that manages to effortlessly tie the whole outfit together! In this case, more is definitely more!

Black and White for the Win

ciara black and white street style bucket hat outfit ideas

Ciara is arguably one of the most underrated current street style icons, and I’m here to change that with this absolutely flawless execution of an effortless everyday black and white outfit in combination with the iconic Kangol bucket hat!

Dress Down the Tailored Look

all black tailored suit bucket hat outfit ideas

Most of us love a well-tailored suit, however, you don’t necessarily always feel like going all out and want to dress it down a little. We got you! Simply change from loafers into sneakers and throw on a classic black bucket hat and voilà!

Slip Dress with a Twist

black slip dress bucket hat outfit street style casual inspo

We can’t do 90s style without mentioning the iconic slip dress! For someone who is 5’4, I personally am not a big fan of wearing long dresses and oftentimes I’d just tie a little knot on one side to shorten the length a little and also some structure to the silhouette. That way it looks a lot more street style appropriate in my opinion, and the Kangol bucket hat just adds to the super cool feel of this effortless look.

Vinyl Bucket Hat for All Occasions

sheer tartan dress black vinyl bucket hat outfit idea

Bucket hats come in many different colors, materials, and designs, and this classic silhouette in black vinyl is an absolute show-stopper in combination with the rest of this formal look. A bold move that definitely paid off!

Oversized Bucket Hat with Strings

bucket hat outfit minimalist look trendy fashion ideas 2023

This textile oversized bucket hat will definitely turn some heads on the streets. It’s an absolute statement piece that works perfectly well with a simple outfit, like these all-black overalls which are dressed up with a pair of nude open-toe sandals in the same shade as the hat.

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