What Is the Wixie Haircut 2023? Find 18 Inspirational Summer Looks

by Kristiyana

Are you girls looking for a trendy short and charming hairstyle to sport during the warm spring and summer days? Tired of your long locks of hair weighing you down? You know that Deavita.net always has just the thing to offer you! Let me present you with the new Wixie haircut 2023. This is THE short hairstyle to wear right now. How does it look? Who can wear it and how to style it? Keep on reading to find out.

What is the Wixie haircut 2023?

trendy short hairstyles 2023

The brand new wixie haircut is a mix between the classic pixie and a winged hairstyle, creating a short haircut with face-framing winged out pieces at the front. These pieces add a softer touch to a pixie cut. Tendrils of hair are left at the back of the neck or around the ears, which create the illusion of fullness and length. It is the perfect summer haircut to keep your neck cool, and it’s great for girls with fine hair. Plus, the wixie is very versatile when it comes to styling.

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Who does this new hair trend suit?

short summer hairstyles 2023


Are you already thinking about trying the trendy wixie? Let’s then see if it will suit you! According to hair experts, the short wixie cut would suit girls with round, oval and heart-shaped faces. When it comes to hair types, women who have naturally wavy or curly hair will achieve a glorious look worth of envy. The wixie is all about embracing your natural hair type, so try to stick to it. If you have really straight hair, it would be better to add some waves with a curling iron.

How to ask for the Wixie cut at the salon?

wixie haircut 2023

First of all, always bring pictures with you to your hair stylist of the haircut you want. What one person sees as a wixie and what another can be two totally different things. Ask them about your hair texture and if the cut would fit it and your face shape. To get the wixie, you can ask your hair stylist for a razor cut. Such can create a beautiful wixie with much added texture. Make sure you go for soft-looking tendrils and a slightly longer length to a classic crop cut. After you have your ideal haircut, ask your hair stylist for points on styling.

How to style the trendy short cut at home?

straight wixie cut blonde

You are in luck! When it comes to styling and maintenance, this cut is as easy as it gets. If you want a natural-looking wixie, just leave your hair to air-dry. Use a mousse and diffuse the hair to create some movement in it. If you want something edgier, try adding a texturing spray or wax and play around with your hair to create an authentic look. Use a sea salt spray or one that creates a wavy effect to accentuate your hair texture.

Wixie hairstyle inspiration 2023

glamorous wixie haircut with fringe

Looking for some hair inspiration for your next trip to the salon? Let’s pick out the best wixie look for you. Up first, we have a super glam straight wixie with full bangs. Bangs will make this short and trendy hairstyle look even more chic.

Blonde wixie with framing bangs

platinum wixie hairstyle 2023

Add face-framing bangs to the hairstyle mix along with a new blonde hair colour for an edgy look. I personally would go for champagne blonde hair. What do you think?

The wet wixie hairstyle look

wet look wixie hairstyle

Is it just me, or is the “wet look” hairstyle look getting more and more popular with each day? Celebs like Hailey Bieber, Kendall Jenner and Selena Gomez can’t seem to get enough of it. And a wet wixie just looks out of this world.

Casual chic wixie haircut 2023

short hairstyles 2023

Or, if you want to go for that cute and natural short girly hair look, you can try this casual chic wixie cut. Leave more hair at the back of your neck, and play with your natural hair texture to achieve this style.

Trendy short curls wixie cut

curly wixie haircut

The trendy wixie haircut looks amazing with big curls. It will get rid of the excess weigh of your hair, and make it look flowy and with just enough volume. Perfect for girls with long curls, who want to have it easier this summer.

Cute wixie hairstyle with bangs

casual wixie haircut

Sometimes the wixie hairstyle can be achieved with closer-to-straight hair types. You just have to take into consideration your face shape and some styling tips. Make sure to add sea salt spray to your hair for a fuller look.

Textured wixie with side bangs

wixie haircut with bangs

Super chic look, right? The wixie haircut is ideal for girls with finer hair, as it will make your hair look fuller and add movement throughout it. Complete this textured wixie look with thick side bangs.

More Wixie hairstyle inspiration

sleek wixie haircut

Wavy wixie cut with baby bangs

wixie haircut with baby bangs

The platinum mullet wixie haircut

platinum mullet wixie

A short curled wixie hairstyle for girls with glasses

wavy wixie haircut

Some natural waves with the wixie haircut

curled wixie cut

The tousled and sexy wixie hairstyle look

what is the wixie haircut

Achieve a cute wixie look with some accessories

wixie haircut with headband

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