What Haircut Makes You Look Older? + The Rejuvenating Hairstyles to Refresh Your Look!

by Kremy

Hello, dear readers! The DeaVita team welcomes you to another practical article dedicated to hair! As we age, many of us look for ways to look younger and more beautiful. Of course, expressing yourself and sporting the hairstyle you love is great… However, you may not be aware that your hair makes you look older than you actually are. So, what haircut makes you look older? And what are the hairstyles that rejuvenate? Let’s find out!

rejuvenating hairstyles after 60

What Haircut Makes You Look Older?

Our hair can be our best friend or our greatest enemy. And with age, it seems that hairstyle options for women become less and less accessible. How is it possible? There’s a common misconception about women’s hair after the age of 50. Once women reach this age, an alarm goes off. You might think it’s time to cut your hair shorter, because “long hair is for younger women”. This is where I roll my eyes and say this is nonsense.

If you don’t choose a hairstyle that suits your face shape and a color that matches your skin tone… Well, you’ll always look older than you really are, overshadowing your natural beauty! There’s no such thing as an “age-appropriate” hairstyle. If you’ve been following this mindset up to now, I’d ask you to leave it at the door before coming in. Or, even better, throw it in the trash! Let’s see what haircut makes you look older or rather the three hairstyles that make you look at least 10 years older without your knowledge!

THE Hairstyle to Avoid After 50: The Mushroom Haircut!

what hairstyle to avoid after 60


Hello? Louise Brooks called from 1920 and she wants her hairstyle back! Yes, we’re talking about the very short bob (French bob) which has been an eternal trend since the Roaring Twenties up to the 20s we live in today. So, for about 100 years, women around the world have worshipped the bob haircut and its many wonderful variations. However, if a bob haircut is not well done, if it is too short or has too much volume, you risk looking like… a mushroom! While the super cropped cut is bold, trendy, and extremely flattering to some, substantial volume combined with uneven ends and bangs can make a woman over 50 look older than she actually is. If you want a bob haircut, I suggest you opt for…

bob haircut for 50 year old women

The classic bob! Slightly longer, with a side parting and curly ends. It’s classy, feminine and extremely elegant!

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Pixie Cut with Volume at the Back or Very Long Bangs

what haircut makes you look older

When it comes to hairstyles that add age dramatically… Although I don’t really feel like saying it, one of the contenders is our beloved pixie cut. Although it is very flattering on one woman, it can actually make another one look older. The problem with this exceptional hairstyle is that it reveals too much of the face. This gives the spotlight to fine lines and wrinkles. And that’s not so bad, because we all have wrinkles! What’s bad is the old-fashioned volume at the back that many women tend to do. This is an extremely old-fashioned way to style hair and it makes it look weird and unkempt. Another bad decision is to have very long bangs that fall over the eyes and mimic the shape of a helmet. If you like the pixie cut, you can try…

pixie haircut for women over 50

The classic pixie cut with medium bangs to the side. There’s no excessive volume, you’ll feel light and beautiful, and your bangs won’t get in the way of your eyes!

Tight Curls and Very Short Hair

very short haircut for woemn over 60

At DeaVita, we love curls! There are lots of gorgeous curly hairstyles out there, but sometimes the very short curly look is unfortunately not for everyone. Very tight curls and very short hair can be extremely out of fashion, especially for a woman over 50. Just like the voluminous pixie cut, it can make you look older and old-fashioned. If you want to be fashionable, younger and show off your natural beauty, you can try a slightly longer hairstyle. While we encourage women to express themselves and wear the hairstyle they want and like, this particular style can be flattering for women with oval faces. I advise you to try…

what haircut is best for women over 60

The curly bob. It is timeless, extremely flattering and truly classy. It’s also a great hairstyle idea for women with glasses. The curls gracefully frame your face and emphasize your beauty.

Which Haircut Rejuvenates the Most?

Now that we’ve talked about what haircut makes you look older, it’s time to take a look at some rejuvenating hairstyles for women over 50. Long hair, thin layers that create volume and texture, and a refreshing new hair color will flatter you considerably! Here are our rejuvenating hairstyle ideas:

rejuvenating haorstyles for women at 50

The messy lob with gray hair (yes!) is extremely flattering on women of all face shapes. Gray hair may seem weird at first when talking about rejuvenation, but it is actually extremely beautiful and natural. If you haven’t yet heard of the Silver Sisters movement, I suggest you check it out!

what haircut rejuvenates the face

The shaggy haircut is a great way to create volume and give yourself a refreshing look. The movement created by the layers makes this hairstyle very easy to style. Add curtain bangs or wavy bangs and you’ll take 10 years off your face!

what haircut makes you look older hairstyles to avoid

When it comes to hair color, having gray roots and dyeing them every month can be a bit of a hassle. Why not try letting your gray hair grow out? You can use the grey blending technique or add highlights of different colors to make the transition smoother.

hairstyle before after woman 50 years old

In conclusion: your hairstyle is the main asset and the key to your appearance. You can add some makeup to highlight your best features. But in general, a good hairstyle can do wonders for you allow you be the most fabulous version of yourself!



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