How to Hide an Ugly Wall without a Costly Renovation? 5+ Unusual Decorating Ideas to Copy Quickly!

by Kremy

Whether you’re renovating or renting, you often find yourself with a damaged wall! Stains, scratches, dents, peeling paint… to knock out all these imperfections, you don’t need to blow your budget. You don’t have to be a decorating expert either. In fact, all you need to do is get a few decorative items that will allow you to redirect the look and make the flaws disappear. Deavita team prepared a range of interior decorations to hide an ugly wall without costly work! Follow the guide!

How to Hide an Ugly Wall without Expensive Renovation? 6 Decorating Ideas That Really Pop!

best ideas decor tips for hiding an ugly wall

How to hide an ugly wall without spending a fortune? If the idea of creating negative spaces in your interior isn’t your cup of tea, don’t go for it. There are a thousand and one ways to conceal the flaws in your walls without having to go through all the work. One of the most artistic and classic solutions is to create an accent wall with a few photo frames or round mirrors. Reclaimed wood panels and wallpaper can also be used to distract attention and allow small holes, stains, bumps and scratches remain unnoticed, and this, with a nice bonus decorative effect. Here’s a detailed look at 6 original and easy-to-implement ideas!

Hide an Ugly Wall with a Strip of Wallpaper

decorating idea recycle wallpaper remnants hide an ugly wall without repainting it


How to hide an ugly wall without repainting it? With a few strips of wallpaper, of course. In recent years, this type of wallcovering has made a comeback and is everywhere in our homes. Living rooms, kitchens, hallways, bedrooms… even bathrooms and toilets are not spared. So, if you want to conceal a few shortcomings of a wall, dress it up with a strip or two of patterned wallpaper. This year, panoramic wallpaper is all the rage. In addition to spicing up an ugly wall, it instantly brings a lot of character to the room. So, what are you waiting for? A cheaper (or even free) alternative to wallpaper is to dress up your ugly wall with old book pages. If your books are gathering dust, there’s nothing wrong with reusing them for other purposes instead of throwing them in the trash.

Hide a Flaw in the Wall with Photo Frames

accent wall gallery wall to hide holes in an ugly damaged wall without costly work

Yes, it’s cheating, but it works perfectly: known as a “gallery wall“, it’s a modern, highly versatile decorating idea that works equally well in small and large spaces. It is perfect for decorating an ugly wall without work or heavy investment. How does it work? Frame all kinds of artistic objects or memorabilia, such as paintings, photos, printed quotations, children’s drawings, prints, inks and so on. The flaw is too big? Opt for a rug, flower pots or simply hang a large mirror on it!

Combine Several Mirrors to Camouflage a Wall in Poor Condition

wall frames mirrors cheap decorating idea to camouflage a wall in poor condition

Holes and scratches are very eye-catching? But do you know what catches the eye the most? Your reflection in one or more pretty mirrors. This is the same idea as the gallery wall but with mirrors and it can make the flaws in your walls invisible. In addition, it visually enlarges the space. Whether in the living room, bedroom or hallway, the mirror frame accent wall is an excellent way to change your decor without spending too much. You can mix framed photos and mirrors, if you feel like it.

Recycled Wood Cladding to Hide a Wall without Repainting It

ikea hacks wooden cladding wall decorating ideas to hide a damaged ugly wall with holes

Do you like the warmth of wood and want to integrate it into your interior to hide an ugly wall without any costly work? That’s good, because reclaimed wood has been popular for a few seasons! Perfect for warming up a room, it blends perfectly with any style. Plus, it’s easy to find. You can find it for free in supermarket warehouses. Used as part of an accent wall, it will give an effect of depth and volume to the room. For a more playful result, do not hesitate to play with the size and color of the planks. In short, a wall dressed in recycled wood has everything to hide a flaw and create a cozy atmosphere!

Tip: to hide a damaged tiled wall, opt for PVC slats.

With Round Wicker Baskets

how to hide an ugly wall without a costly renovation cheap decor ideas

After the photo frames, now it’s the turn of the round basket to take over your walls. Decorative and affordable, a round wall basket is undoubtedly the new must-have for energizing a wall that lacks character. Still in the rustic tradition, it goes wonderfully with rattan mirrors and wool tapestries to bring a bohemian atmosphere to the living room or bedroom. Here are just a few of the ways you can hang it on your walls to achieve a harmonious effect, in a variety of colors and sizes. A great alternative to wall baskets are the vintage plates lying around in your cupboards.

Install a Library to Hide an Ugly Wall without Work

how to cover a wall withou painting hide an ugly wall

Still on the theme of literature: to brighten up a wall that’s looking grey without necessarily carrying out any major work, you can simply place a good piece of designer furniture on it. A beautiful, imposing floor-to-ceiling bookcase will do just fine to hide a damaged wall. You can also choose a sideboard, a piano or wall shelves. The idea? Choose furniture that suits both the wall flaw and the interior style and make this piece of furniture the key element of your decoration.

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