Flared jeans for women: how to style the different types of flared pants for a one-of-a-kind look

by Kremy

With the return of wide leg pants, it was inevitable that flared jeans for women would also make a comeback in 2023. After years of straight-leg jeans dominating the fashion industry, it might feel daunting to wear this oversized silhouette right away. To help you get started, we’ve found some perfect examples of how you can style flared jeans. So, if you want to know all about this hot 2023 denim trend, read on.

What are flared jeans?

Flared jeans for women how can you style them

Flared jeans, or bell-bottoms, are pants that widen at the knees and widen towards the ankles. The bottom of flared jeans can be conservatively flared, like bootcut jeans, or have dramatically wide legs. Bell bottom jeans are flared jeans that feature a drastic, bell-shaped flare from the knee down.

The style became popular in the 1960s and then became one of the major fashion trends of the late twentieth century. Flared denim pants became common because, like jeans, they are comfortable and easy to pair with different tops and shoes.

What are the types of flared pants?

Flared jeans for women come in a variety of styles, from bootcuts to dramatic wide-leg pants. Consider the following types of flared jeans:

Bootcut Jeans are the least dynamic shape of flared jeans for women


Boot Cut Jeans: They are the least dynamic form of flared jeans. Flare jeans tend to flare out at an angle of about twenty degrees – bootcut jeans have a more conservative flare, and only protrude a little at the calf to make room for boots.

High waist flared jeans sit higher at the waist

High-waist flared jeans: High-waist flared jeans sit higher on the waist, just below the belly button. These trendy pants go well with tank tops, t-shirts and other tops that you can easily tuck into jeans to accentuate the waist.

cropped flare jeans What are the types of flared pants

Cropped flared jeans: You can easily crop flare jeans at home by cutting off the lowest part of the pant legs to give them a fun look. Keep the dangling strands or trim them for a clean edge.

Wide leg jeans This look reminds of the 1970s style and is still in fashion today

Wide Leg Jeans: These flared pants are flared at a wider angle. This look is reminiscent of 1970s style and is still fashionable today.

Flared jeans for women – how can you style them?

A crisp white top goes perfectly with flared pants and a leather jacket

You can perfectly showcase the jeans trend with the following outfit ideas:

Keep it simple with a t-shirt. If you want to try flared jeans but don’t know where to start, you can’t go wrong with a t-shirt. A crisp white top pairs well with these bell-bottoms, and if you want to spice up the outfit for the evening, you can also throw a leather jacket over it.

Go all denim for a cool ensemble

Go All Denim: Team a black t-shirt and denim jacket with your flared jeans for a cool all-denim ensemble.

You can combine flared jeans for women with a blazer

Try it casual with a blazer: You can tuck a button-down shirt into your pants and throw on a favorite blazer to create an office-friendly, casual work look.

Create a summery ensemble: You can combine these blue jeans with a crop top, a beach hat and sunglasses to create a casual styling.

A cardigan is the right garment to wear with your flared jeans

Get cozy with a cardigan: If you’re heading outside in the fall or staying inside in the winter, a cardigan or turtleneck is just the right piece of clothing to wear with your flared jeans for women to keep warm.

combine flared jeans with a long coat

Pair with a long coat: You can wear flared jeans even if you’re going for a minimal aesthetic. Choose a long coat that keeps your silhouette slim and pair it with a plain top and simple accessories.

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More fashion tips to complement your flared jeans outfits

Flared jeans for ladies with which shoes and accessories can you combine

Get the most out of your flared jeans ensemble by following these simple fashion tips:

Choose the right footwear: Flared jeans can look baggy without some elevation to lift the denim off the ground. Wear wedges, trendy ankle boots or other shoes with a slight heel to keep your look upright and keep your pants from sagging.

Accessorize with a belt: Wearing a crop top or tucking your shirt in your jeans is an opportunity to show off a belt that can complement your outfit or act as a statement piece.

Distress your jeans: If you’ve found a perfectly fitting pair of jeans at the store but want them to look a bit more worn, there are several ways to distress your pants. Use a razor to make cuts and then rub the pants with sandpaper to smooth the rough surfaces.



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