The 2023 “cloud skin” makeup trend is everywhere on TikTok! Here’s how to adopt it!

by Gabby

Invented and popularized a few years ago by MAC makeup artist Dominic Skinner, the “cloud skin”, is once again experiencing a huge interest on TikTok. With over 3.4 million views, this 2023 makeup trend won’t go out of fashion any time soon. It’s perfect for girls of all ages looking for a softer alternative to a matte finish, that’s at the same time less shiny than “glass skin”, or “dolphin skin”, among other skins that have become popular. So let’s see what are the basics of this much-loved cloud skin makeup.

cloud skin makeup trends TikTok 2023 what is it exactly how to do it complexion glowy matte

What is cloud skin makeup?

According to its creator, Dominic Skinner, the “cloud skin” is something halfway between matte skin and glowing complexion, which makes it ideal not only for pictures on your Insta profile, but also to wear in real life. Followers of the method love exactly this versatility, but not only. This type of makeup trend 2023 instantly gives you a soft-focus filter and creates the impression of illuminated skin from the inside out! Think of the sun shining through a thin sheet of clouds, that’s what we’re looking for as an effect here.

Trends 2023: Healthy skin complexion

makeup trends 2023 healthy skin complexion glowing matte foundation


Of course, perfecting our skin from within is the first step towards a beautiful, luminous and healthy complexion, regardless of our age. Only then the “cloud skin” makeup will look amazing on you.  And it’s quite different from other trends that come and go within a few weeks. Its big draw is that it delivers gorgeous dimension with its strategic blend of skincare and makeup to achieve an ethereal, barely noticeable glow, instead of a nearly blinding, sheer glow that we can achieve with highlighters.

makeup trends 2023 natural looking cloud skin how to achieve it what products to use

According to professional makeup artists, the key to successful “cloud skin” effect is mixing the different textures. We must mix both the matte finish and the glowy one, without either being dominant. This creates the soft focus effect of the 2023 makeup trend, giving your skin a dreamy and natural look. Just like a rococo style painting! It’s also much more flattering than a super-shiny foundation that stands out with its super shine and is only suitable for young girls.

what is the cloud skin makeup trend on TikTok 2023 how to adopt it techniques

How do you make a cloud skin?

The first step in achieving the 2023 “cloud skin” makeup trend is skin preparation. For this purpose, the face should be cleansed well and then moisturized. You should put a small amount of a face oil of your preference. After you applied the face oil, it will be optimal if you do a Gua Sha face massage. It will have a firming effect on your skin and the makeup will simply glide on. Now that the skin is hydrated, you can do the following:

  • Use a blur (anti-blemish tinted primer) or mineral foundation with light-reflecting particles for a natural matte finish. Using a brush is also useful for achieving an even finish. A little concealer on problem areas should be applied as well.
  • Afterward, it is crucial to apply powder to obtain that much appreciated “cloudy” effect. Dab it into the hollow of the cheeks, the top of the forehead, and a little on the nose and chin, which will partially remove excess moisture, but also blur pores, fine lines, etc. At this point, there are different textures on your face that will create the balance that we need.
  • You can apply a little bit of a highlighter. Don’t go over the top, since it is all about the balance between the dewy and the matte finish. For a truly angelic glow, add a dab of glitter-free complexion illuminator on high-profile areas of the face such as the top of the eyebrows, the bridge of the nose, just above the cheekbones and the Cupid’s bow between the nose and the lips.

makeup trends 2023 TikTok dewy matte finish cloud skin how to achieve it

If you want a little more color, you can also use a little bit of a creamy blush. For your 2023 makeup trend to be successful, each texture must blend into the others perfectly, so I advise you to use a beauty blender and go over your entire face with it. If you want to learn about makeup, check out what are the current trends in 2023.

makeup trends 2023 skin care routine cloud dewy matte

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