What to Wear if You Have a Rectangle Body Shape to Look Your Best at All Times?

by Kremy

Discover how to dress stylishly if you have a rectangle body shape. Learn what clothes to wear to create the illusion of curves and enhance your feminine silhouette. From tops and dresses to skirts and pants, find out the best styles and cuts that flatter your body shape. Plus, get tips on choosing the perfect swimsuit and other flattering clothing ideas.

Are your shoulders about the same width as your hips? Are your buttocks rather flat? Is your waist barely defined? If you don’t have strong feminine curves, you probably have a rectangle body shape. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing, and the gorgeous Kate Moss is one celebrity who is the perfect proof of that. Plus, there are plenty of ways to dress well and look stylish, whether you want to create the optical illusion of an hourglass or not. So, what to wear if you have a rectangle body shape?

What Is a Rectangle Body Shape?

how to dress a rectangle body shape to look good

Contrary to the idea that we all have to have slim waists, generous breasts and contoured buttocks, the rectangle body shape is in fact one of the most common among women. an upright body shape where shoulders and hips fall on the same vertical line, or almost, the breasts are rather modest and the natural waist is not well defined. We also speak of a rectangular structure.

How to Deceive the Eye That We Are have an Hourglass Body Shape?

how to dress a rectangle body shape what clothes to choose


Certainly, it’s not obligatory, but many women who have a rectangle body shape feel better about creating visual feminine curves with their clothing choices. By emphasizing the upper or lower body while accenting the waist deceives the eye that you have an hourglass shaped silhouette – a body figure that is considered to be close to perfection. To do this, we normally aim to:

  • optically widen the shoulders, chest and hips
  • mark the waistline

Tips and Tricks of the Trade

what to wear if you have a rectangle body shape what tops pants patterns

Obviously, the cuts of the clothes you choose to wear are the most important in accomplishing these two effects, but there are other aspects of clothing to consider. For example, colors, details and feminine prints are a very good solution to bring more femininity to your outfit! These include romantic floral prints, pink or red patterns, ribbons, flowing fabrics and so on.

how to dress if you have a rectangle body shape to look your best

Of course, you don’t have to base your entire outfit on these elements, as you can simply use them to add a few refined accents. For example, wearing a subtly patterned scarf or handbag works great for this. You should also know that the eye is always drawn to bright colors, and you can take advantage of this phenomenon to catch the eye here and there.

What to Wear if You Have a Rectangle Body Shape – How to Choose the Right Tops?

how to dress a rectangle body shape what blouses and tops to choose

Now, let’s see what to wear if you have a rectangle body shape. As far as tops are concerned, a T-shirt with a boat neck or a blouse with shoulder embellishments is perfect for a rectangle body shape. More or less plunging V-necks or wider round necks are also well suited respectively for small and large breasts. Wrap tops and tops with puffy sleeves, as well as ruffles and frills near the shoulders are equally beneficial for rectangular bodies.

What Dresses and Skirts to Wear When You Have a Rectangle Body Shape?

how to dress if you have a rectangle body shape what skirts to choose good cuts

When choosing skirts, women with a rectangle body shape should prefer the A-line. Models that are narrow at the waist and slightly flared at the hips are their best friends. The most flattering dresses are those that are not too tight and have embellishments on the sleeves or at the neckline. The mini or midi wrap dress goes very well with the rectangle body shape, as well as most asymmetrical cuts and V-necks. Empire-waist dresses are also aesthetically pleasing.

What to Wear if You Have a Rectangle Body Shape: How to Choose Your Pants?

what to wear if you have a rectangle body shape what pants to choose

Speaking of pants, casual yet stylish chinos and pants with pleats work wonders for achieving the desired effect of more curves in strategic places. All high-waisted paperbag pants automatically emphasize your waist and add volume to your hips. A low waist is also recommended, unless you want to hide your belly. High-waisted shorts are preferable to classic Bermuda shorts with a low or medium waist. Tuck tops into tight skirts or pants to create a focal point and show off your waist.

Which Is the Best Swimsuit for a Rectangle Body Shape?

swimsuit for rectangle body shape

Many women with a rectangle body shape wonder which swimsuit to choose. As logic dictates, we opt for tops with fringes, ruffles or frills to increase bust volume if it’s not sufficient. Bandeau tops are also suitable in this situation. Bikinis with flashy patterns or with mismatched top and bottoms are absolutely supreme for you. A one-piece swimsuit with a plunging, asymmetrical or sweetheart neckline will look sexy and always tasteful with a rectangle body shape.

Other Flattering Clothing Ideas

what to wear if you have a rectangle body shape what outfit to choose

If you wonder what to wear if you have a rectangle body shape, pay attention to short but oversized jackets, with or without shoulder pads, that give volume to the shoulders and chest. Another magical outer garment is a trench coat with a waist belt, especially if it has patch pockets. Take advantage of necklaces, large earrings and scarves to draw attention to your strong features.



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