What Slimming Dress to Wear This Summer to Hide the Belly and Refine the Silhouette?

by Kremy

Summer brings sunshine, warm weather and sun-kissed skin, but sundresses and bikinis tend to highlight parts of our bodies that we would like to hide. According to a study, one of the biggest problems for women is that they do not have a flat stomach. While exercise and diet can help, in the meantime, if you’re unsure of your size, there are plenty of ways to play around with clothing proportions to regain your confidence. By using a few simple styling tricks, you can look chic, fight bloat, and look slimmer. Here are some slimming dress ideas to wear this season!

Slimming Dress? What Model to Choose When You Have Belly?

slimming dress for curvy women with belly

Indeed, a swelling belly can be very embarrassing if you don’t wear the right clothes. You may be struggling to lose your tummy and that’s okay. At least you try. We all know belly fat is hard to burn. While you strive to improve your figure, you can continue to dress in a stylish and flattering way. Sometimes we just need a little help choosing the right outfit. In this article, we have handpicked six stunning dress styles. These dresses will help you conceal your belly, while showing off your gorgeous assets. Choose the best model and enjoy the sunny days!

Wrap Dress

slimming dress when you have a tummy wrap dress


The wrap dress is elegant and feels comfortable around the hips and stomach. It hides what you need to hide giving you an extra layer of fabric to perfect your look. This pretty cut highlights your neckline, chest and waist. Some models are tied at the side, others are wrapped in the dress. The wrap around the waist brings out the hips! It’s the perfect outfit for formal or semi-formal events. No need for bold accessories, because it speaks for itself.

The wrap dress makes you look slimmer

slimming dress for curvy women front tie

Designers have been successfully creating wrap dresses for decades because they realized how flattering they are for all body types. A true wardrobe marvel, a well-cut wrap dress fits and flatters the hips, then unfurls at the waist, ultimately emphasizing the bust and camouflaging the rest.

Front Tie Dress

front tie dress can hide the belly

Make your belly disappear with a waist-flattering dress with a front bow. The fitted silhouette will show you off in all the right places while the bow detail adds extra coverage.

The front tie dress models hide the curves of the waist

dress hiding bulging stomach

Belted Dress

dress to hide big belly belt dress

One of the best ways to give the waistline more definition is to enhance it. Opt for a dress with a matching color belt, as it will help create an hourglass-shaped curve that will slim the tummy.

Solid Color Slimming Dress

solid color dress to hide the belly

Did you know that wearing one color from head to toe is the quickest way to look taller and slimmer? A long dress in a solid color is a chic way to divert attention from problem areas.

Patterned dress

patterned dress will hide tummy and hips

An eye-popping all-over print helps hide areas you don’t want to highlight and camouflage curves. Patterned dresses and floral prints create the illusion of a well-defined figure. They emphasize your curves and at the same time hide the belly area. It makes your body look smooth and flawless.

The belly is less obvious thanks to the dress with colorful patterns

which slimming dress will hide love handles

The patterns on a dress really play tricks on the eyes. The eyes are forced to look at the pattern, so any imperfections are less noticeable. The elusiveness of the dress makes it a clear winner for covering belly bulges. Moreover, this piece has a sophisticated look and can be worn in the office or for any occasion.

Slimming Dress: Pencil Cut

pencil cut slimming dress hides the tummy

A bodycon pencil dress can work wonders on your waist. The trick is to choose a high-waisted model in a structured fabric. A heavier fabric will smooth your midsection, while the high waist will help create the illusion of a slimmer silhouette.

pencil dress cut to hide tummy and hips


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