Luscious purple bedroom design for modern interiors

Written by Kremena Ruseva


For something a little different but definitely in keeping with color trends for 2012, here are a range of the most exciting bedrooms around. Purple is a word that actually defines a range of colors anywhere from a bluish red to a reddish blue.  The variations are therefore numerous.  Whichever version is selected the effect of a purple bedroom design is likely to be stunning.  The most dramatic variations will come from using a fully saturated purple rather than a lighter tint.

Great combination – Silver and purple bedroom design


A purple bedroom design is likely to be highly atmospheric ranging from ‘super chic’ to seductive and moody.  2012 color fashion trends list rich berry colors as among the predicted favorites.  Purple is of course the color of many berries and fruits.  It is a mouth watering luscious color.  A juicy purple bedroom design can be equally as tasty.  Associated with royalty darker purples will imbue you room with an opulent character.  Since classical antiquity, purple has been linked with nobility as the only people wealthy enough to wear this rich hue would include Roman emperors and senators. As strange as it might seem purple fabrics were dyed with a fluid from a rare mollusk.  Therefore, purple became a symbolic badge of office for Roman high ranking officials and leaders.

Turquoise and royalty dark purple bedroom design


Purple belongs to the so-called cool colors but despite the fact that it is considered cold its spectrum has wonderful warm shades. For example – delicate violet, plum shades, or deeper shades like blackberries, blueberries or currants. There is no doubt that the color offers a great potential. When choosing the purple shade for your bedroom, you should know that bright, intense purple color may look aggressive, so it is best to keep to its soft tones and hues.


For a smart defined look, highlight your purple bedroom design with white on window or door frames, skirting boards, shelving and other accessories.  For a more mellow appearance purple looks gorgeous against stripped wood either in light or warm mid tones.  The regal appearance of a purple bedroom design enables you to introduce rich and flamboyant accessories and fabrics into your decorative scheme, heavily draped fabrics such as velvet and silk will look fabulous.  Highly ornamental fittings such as chandeliers will look perfectly at home.  Purple also lives well with metal.  Gold features are very comfortable within a purple bedroom design these can be introduced subtly through gold threads in fabrics or one or two ornate picture frames.  Try and avoid such accessories as gold colored light switches or floor trims as they are not so tasteful!   In a more modern or minimalist bedroom, steel features add a striking cool contrast to sumptuous purple tones.  Restful and mellow or rich and passionate purple bedroom designs are a number one choice for 2012.

by Jaz

Stylish bunk beds and silver purple bedroom design


Luxury deep purple bedroom decor


Purple bedroom and vintage dressing table


Low bed and  modern bedroom purple decoration


Vintage decoration elements







Shabby chic deep purple bedroom


Rustic bedroom design –  brown purple decor






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