The uniquely exotic appeal of the beach bar

by Kremy


Its summer time and many of you are dreaming of the perfect holiday location or maybe you are already there.  The most perfect setting is likely to involve sun, sea and sand.  Wherever in the world you live the allure of the coast is magnetic.  Picture the scene, clear blues skies, glorious sunshine, cool sea breezes and a soft sandy beach, what could be more perfect?  Well maybe add an exotic beach bar into the equation and you could have found paradise.

Beach Bar Round Up – Some of the Best

Sunshine amazing Beach Bar


There is something about a beach bar that is totally unique, full of character and likely to become a place that you will never forget.  Whether it is a rustic hut with a straw roof or a more sophisticated construction a bar on the beach offers a location like no other.  It is the original architectural fusion of inside and outside, with a bigger emphasis on outside.

Wooden luxury and stylish beach bar in Maldives

Beach bar design - Maldives

We will show you some of the best beach bars on the planet.  Some may be surfer shacks, some located on idyllic secluded islands or even floating in the sea.  Perfect beach bars come in all shapes and sizes, but the ideal ‘watering hole’ will be in total visual and cultural harmony with its immediate environment.  See what you think, can you add your personal favorites to this round up of glorious beach bars?

Small round bar with direct view to the Ocean

Beach Bar design

Beaches are magical places, there is something that happens to us as soon as our toes sink into the sand or we first splash in the azure blue ocean.  We become different people, transformed into whoever we want to be; movie stars, characters from novels or even ‘beach bums’.  We are able to escape from the pressures of everyday life and let our hair down.  The perfect beach bar, is in essence, a place where we can extend those fantasies.  The beach bar, whether humble or magnificent rises like an oasis in the desert. It provides shade and shelter when the sun gets to fierce, cool refreshments to quench our thirsts after a heavy sunbathing session. The bar is a place to meet people and make new friends. It is somewhere to laugh, to daydream or experience memorable moments, like watching the sun sink below the ocean at the end of a perfect day.  There is really no other place to compare with the iconic beach bar.

by Jaz

 classical design - Kite bar


Modern and fresh interior design

 beach bar design

Beach bar design - Rapoponghi Beach

BeachBar - Wake up in Oasis beach

Beach bar design





Beach-bar on Maldives




White beach-bar design - Bedroom beach





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