Unique pool bar ideas – enjoy your summer days and nights

by Kremy

unique pool design swim up bar patio ideas

We selected some of the most beautiful pool bar ideas which can inspire you add this magnificent feature to your garden pool. These ideas will be of use to those who are planning to construct a swimming pool in the backyard, even to homeowners who already have one but would like to add an additional feature and spend most of their time outdoors. That is a great place, where you can rest under the shade on a hot summer day with a bright exotic cocktail, a cup of coffee, lemonade or a beer.

unique pool bar design ideas best garden pools


The pool bar is a great place to entertain family and friends as well. The outdoor area is the most preferred place at summer time. Designers and architects have created many pool designs which add a lot of atmosphere to existing pools and outdoor areas. Some homeowners prefer to combine a bar and an outdoor kitchen and some designs include even pizza ovens and a grill. A poolside bar will be appreciated by those who like to have fun at any time of the day or night and take advantage of the chance to have a cool drink without leaving the pool. You can spend time and chat with your friends and family, listen to your favorite music and why not have a delicious snack?


Pool bar ideas and tips for the design

mediterranean pool swim up bar backyard landscape ideas

Obviously, the best option is to plan your swim-up bar at the design and construction stage of the pool itself, but in case your garden pool is already functioning, a new construction can be added provided you have enough of space in the backyard. What is important to take into consideration when planning a swim-up bar? Whether you think of an addition to an existing pool or you work on the design of a new construction you need to plan a few key elements which will guarantee your comfort.


poolside bar design ideas backyard landscape

The first step is to consider the location of the swim-up bar. This will depend not only on your personal wish but on the drainage system, water and electricity (possibly gas) supply, etc. Sunken bars need retaining walls as well as masonry work and it is best if you hired a qualified contractor.

amazing pool bar ideas exclusive garden swimming pools

The first option is to place it in the center of the pool. This is the most spectacular option but it could be the most expensive as well as it will require special access to the dry bar area and a very good insulation. The second option is to place the swim-up bar at the edge of the pool and arrange two counters – one for those who are in the water and another for the people who are resting near the pool. The location and the available space will give you an idea of the shape as well. You may want a round or a square bar which cannot be fitted into the space you have.

swim up bar modern pool design decorating ideas

At the stage of planning it is a good idea to look at different pool bar ideas and decide whether you would like to integrate an outdoor kitchen or a barbecue. Think of storage space, refrigerators, wine coolers and any other equipment that you want. Adequate cleaning and maintenance must be considered as well as safety.

swim up bar modern swimming pool design

Access to the bar is of great importance. On one hand the bar should be accessible from the pool and on the other hand you need to access the bar itself and eventually serve food and drink to people who are out of the pool. It will be a good idea no to block the view with solid walls so that people can interact with each other, whether in or out of the water, while at the bar area.

swimming pool bar ideas shade structure

Shade is an essential feature for any swim-up bar so you need to decide what type of shade structure will be most suitable for your swimming pool bar – pergola, gazebo, cabana, sail shade, thatch palapa, etc.

amazing pool bar design ideas tropical pool decor

Bar stools are another feature to consider in advance, not only in terms of shape and height but in terms of finishes as they will add to the overall appearance of both swimming pool and bar. Having in mind that swimming pool bars are usually placed in the shallow area of the pool, the counter and the stool height should be calculated in a way to provide comfortable sitting while the body of the person is partially submerged in water. Bar stools can be fixed either to the base of the basin or to a metal frame, which is then strengthened on the side.


Pool bar ideas – choose the style and the decoration

swimming pool bar ideas tropical decor garden design

It will be a good idea to think of the style and the décor of your swim-up bar in advance. When choosing the style you need to make sure that the design of all the elements works with the stylistic concept of the outdoor area and the swimming pool décor. The aim is to create a harmonious space providing a comfortable, convenient and relaxing area for you, your family and friends.

unique backyard swim up bar design ideas

Different décor styles feature a variety of color palettes, finishes, accessories and in case you are not feeling very confident which style will suit your needs best, trusting the decoration to a professional designer or decorator will be wise. Of course, your personal taste and individual preferences are of greatest importance and if your backyard is decorated in Mediterranean style it makes no sense to opt for a contemporary or minimalist décor. Those who are attracted to the tropical style may consider large plants, exotic accessories, bright vivid colors and other elements that are typical for the style. Enjoy these unique pool bar ideas and find the one that you like best!



swim up bar design ideas backyard landscape ideas

swimming pool bar ideas infinity pool design

best pool bar ideas garden landscape tropical decor

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