Pool supplies and pool fun ideas for a fantastic summer time

by Kremy

pool maintenance pool supplies pool water maintenanence

When we talk about pool supplies, we have to say right away that there are several categories which fall into the term.

pool supplies pool water care pool chemicals pool accessories


One of the categories includes everything connected with the maintenance – valves, pumps, filters, etc. Accessories are another category and all sorts of thermometers, cleaners, manual vacuums, vacuum hoses, leaf masters with bags, etc are included in this group.

Inflatable pool toys outdoor swimming pool kids activities

 A large group is the supplies for water care – chlorine tablets, algaecides, stain treatments, clarifiers, salt, filter cleaner sprays and many more. And finally – the group that is most interesting – the fun game toys!

What are the necessary pool supplies?

pool supplies water maintenance outdoor swimming pools water chemicals

Every swimming pool, whether in-ground or above ground, requires the same pool supplies of chemicals. Of course, the concentration and the necessary amounts will depend on the size.

 pool supplies water maintenance outdoor swimming pools

Balancing chemicals can be quite a difficult task. The chemicals are important for maintain clean and safe water. Having the water filtered is not enough as filtration helps in the removal of dirt but does not maintain the balance of the water. There is a wide variety of chemicals which take care of the chlorine, alkalinity, and pH levels.

 Pool supplies for fun in the water

pool fun ideas inflatable pool slide kids pool party games

Again, this large group of pool supplies includes all the range of inflatables, floating toys and incredibly creative game kits.

 pool supplies pool accessories outdoor swimming pool toys

The toys make the experience even more complete and the pleasure even greater.

 pool supplies inflatable playhouse swimming pool fun toys

You may have attractions which are an additional investment – a slide, waterfalls or other water features or opt for the more practical and much cheaper inflatable options.

cool ideas pool accessories round table chairs parasol

The possibilities are endless – floating lounge chairs, a basketball net, volleyball, a climbing wall, all sorts of sports equipment – and it is only up to your creativity to choose which ones are best for the fun summer pool activities of your kids and family.


floating lounge chairs with sunshade

outdoor swimming pool voleyball net inflatable toys

outdoor swimming pool inflatables sea saw water rocker

swimming pool fun inflatables floating climbing wall

outdoor pool games kids activities fun games for kids

modern home pool accessories and inflatables

fun outdoor pool accessories floating pretzel

awesome pool accessories and games ping pong table

above ground pool accessories basketball net kids activities




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