Luxury modern furniture by Fendi

by Kremy


Fendi is a large successful fashion design company born in Italy and known all around the world for its exquisite high quality products – fashion and luxury modern furniture. Created in 1925 by Edoardo and Adele Fendi, the newly founded business includes handbag and fur designs that immediately draw the attention of the Roman bourgeoisie and becomes extremely popular in the country. In 1946 the company is passed down to the founders’ five daughters who continue to develop it and bring in fresh ideas.

Luxury modern furniture by Fendi – a touch of glamour




Apart from stylish fashionable clothing and perfumes Fendi has also created a line of luxury modern furniture. This special collection dating from 1989 is a result of the company’s evolution and a chance to introduce a new concept of the contemporary home to the world. The Fendi Casa Home Collection is created in collaboration with another company called Club House Italia. Together the two companies aim at making the interior of the home a place of style and beauty by using modern furniture.

Luxury bed 



The line focuses on high quality materials and precision in the details which guarantees the perfect finish of the design. The main materials used in the collection are different types of animal skins such as fox, sheep and mink. Processed to perfection, these materials provide a splendid elegant look to the luxury modern furniture and turn the interior space into a real fantasy. Praised all over the world The Fendi Casa Collection proves to be another big success for the Fendi company. It offers everything a wealthy modern home owner could want and more. Today the luxury modern furniture line can be found in 60 countries and owns its popularity on stylish design ideas and carefully selected materials – the brand’s specialty.

By K.H.Hristova

brown color for the living room


grey leather sofa


Orange accents for the living room


Fashionable black mini bar


Outdoor patio furniture


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