Luxury freestanding tub for a complete relax – DR by Agape

by Kremy

super modern freestanding tub curved lines wooden sides

Could you tell a better way to relax after a hectic day than soaking in a big deep tub and have all your problems washed away? Have a look at his modern freestanding tub which looks so inviting and comfortable. Created in collaboration between Studio MK27’s Marcio Kogan and Mariana Ruzante and Agape, it is called “DR Tub” and offers a delightful experience. It would be wonderful to sink into this tub and forget about stress and work and enjoy a wonderful time feeling like in a luxury spa centre.

Spacious freestanding tub in a modern bathroom

modern bathroom design freestanding tub Agape


Freestanding tubs are becoming more and more popular in the modern bathroom design and that’s for a reason. They not only look relaxing and quite comfortable but are a decorative element in the interior design. A bathtub is no longer considered a luxury and when it has such an inspiring design it becomes a necessity and a perfect addition to anybody’s bathroom. A freestanding tub is easier to install, remodel or repair. Modern freestanding tubs are slowly but steadily replacing the Jacuzzis and sunken garden bathtubs that were so popular not so long ago.

Freestanding tub with contemporary design and curved lines

modern bathroom design elegant freestanding tub Agape

The design of the freestanding tub is very elegant and quite appealing. It resembles the figure eight with sides that use wood patterns. It will easily accommodate two or even three people in the different zones. Either next to each other or in the opposite corners, there is enough space for a comfortable relax and arms rest no matter which zone you choose. Imagine small pebbles around it and elegant ambient lighting and you will have an awesome spa in your own bathroom with a genuine Zen atmosphere.





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