How to choose a bathtub – bathroom designs with large bathtubs

by Kremy

spacious master bathroom interior design ideas huge bathtub walk in shower

When you furnish the bathroom, it is more than logical that you want everything to be perfect! We shall discuss the pros and cons of large bathtubs as they can be either an enormous pleasure or a headache. It is important to pay attention not only to the plumbing, its price and convenience, but also to the size of the tub. If it is too big you will not have space for movement and a small bathroom will look even more cramped and uncomfortable. How to choose the best bathtub for our bathroom?

 Large bathtubs – are those suitable for our bathroom

stunning large bathtubs ideas stainless steel tub luxury bathroom


If you are lucky to own a spacious bathroom, large bathtubs are not a problem and you can choose any size of tub. However, before buying the dream bathtub, you need to do some planning. Carefully measure the area of the bathroom, as you will need to install a vanity cabinet, sink, a toilet and you need to have enough space for movement. When choosing the tub, make sure that width, length and depth are suitable for your family members. It is useful to know that bathtubs deeper than 70 cm are not very comfortable to keep your head in the water level.


Large bathtubs design and materials

luxury bathroom interior freestanding large bathtubs ideas round wooden tub floating vanity

Large bathtubs can be found in so many sizes, shapes and different materials. Cast iron tubs are familiar to many people. They are reliable and durable and the water in a cast iron tub remains warm for about an hour. However these are rather heavy and this is the main reason why cast iron is seldom used for the manufacturing of large bathtubs. Stainless steel tubs have lower weight and are easier to install but water will cool after half an hour.

large bathtubs for two design ideas sinking bathtub luxury bathroom ideas

Acrylic bathtubs have many advantages – they are light weight, very easy to install and are offered in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes. Modern tubs are often equipped with hydro and aero massage, lights, water temperature controls, etc. Of course, there are no limits for the imagination and creativity of designers and luxurious bathtubs can be made of wood, marble, stone or glass.


sunken whirlpool tub modern bathroom design walk in shower

Minimalist style bathroom


Whirlpool tub with headrest


An awesome soaking tub

spectacular large bathtubs round tub granite luxury bathroom interior

 Fantastic tub design for two

luxury bathtub for two modern bathroom furniture design

Oval sunken tub

large bathtubs design in floor bathtubs

 Whirlpool tub with wood trim

modern large whirlpool tub with headrests wooden border

 Luxury bathtub with built in TV

luxury large bathtubs sunken whirlpool bathtub built in TV

Luxury master bathroom design large round soaking tub

luxury whirlpool bathtub built in tv

large sunken bathtub luxury bathroom interior design ideas

large round freestanding bathtub stainless steel modern bathroom

round bathtub contemporary bathroom furniture

bathtubs for two bathroom furniture ideas spa bathroom

Fabulous round bathtub design ideas luxury master bathroom designs

awesome sunken bathtub original shape



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