50 stone fireplace design ideas – the irresistible power of open fire

by Kremy

rustic home decoration stone fireplace design ideas living room interior

Everyone who has a fireplace at home knows that there is nothing more powerful as the open fire. It adds warmth, ambiance and is the place that gathers everyone around for a chat, a meal or simply to relax. We shall show you 50 stone fireplace design ideas which add the charm of the rustic atmosphere in every room of the house or the patio.

inspiring stone fireplace design ideas living room rustic decor iron chandelier wood coffee table


Stone together with wood are the oldest materials used in people’s homes and a traditional element in Tudor style homes. Stone is a symbol not only of reliability and durability, but also of luxury. Stone fireplace designs for living rooms are especially popular as they give a feeling of comfort and the fireplace has always been the heart of the home. A stone fireplace is a strong element in the rustic and country style of design and is often seen in mountain log houses or cottages.

modern elegant living room rustic decor large chandelier

However many homeowners want to add a touch of rustic warmth to their modern interiors and prefer the fireplace as an eye catching contrast to the modern interior. Soft furniture, comfortable sofas and cozy armchairs are the typical furniture pieces to be placed in front of the fireplace. A wooden or stone mantel decorated with family photos, candles, copper dishes adds a unique personal touch and individuality to the interiors. Firewood storage ideas and unique fireplace screens can add the finishing touch to the room decor.

 stone-fireplace-design ideas modern living room rustic decor sofa set

stone-fireplace design ideas modern living room large sofa dining area

stone fireplace design ideas living room rustic interior design branch banister chandelier

rustic living room fantastic natural stone fireplace wood mantel shelves antler chandelier

rustic living room design stone fireplace upholstered sofa armchairs

living room stone upholstered sofa armchairs rustic interior

living room design decoration ideas fireplace built in shelves armchair

awesome living room rustic decor leather sofa set

awesome rustic living room fireplace sofa set armchair chandelier

50 stone fireplace design ideas living room rustic living room decor

 rustic decor living room interior design

bedroom decor iron chandelier

Fascinating stone fireplace design ideas are widely used in rustic bedroom interiors. A stone fireplace in the bedroom adds coziness, comfort, warmth – everything that you need for a really romantic atmosphere. The fireplace is an immediate focal point and the warmth of natural materials, the use of raw elements bring nature in the home. Wood, soft cotton, elegant leather and linen give the bedroom an irresistible cottage charm. Fresh pastel colors, earth and natural tones are soothing and bring peace to the body and soul.

bedroom interior wooden bed neutral colors

rustic master bedroom exposed beams stone fireplace double sided fireplace wood floor

rustic bedroom decor stone design ideas leather armchair ceiling beams

rustic bedroom decor stone fireplace design ideas wooden ceiling black headboard upholstered armchair

rustic-bedroom decor armchairs stacked stone large windows

modern bedroom rustic decor upholstered headboard stone fireplace stylish ceiling light

best rustic bedroom decor ideas leather armchair iron chandelier

bedroom interior design wood furniture stone fireplace rustic wooden bench

bedroom design upholstered armchair footrest floor lamp

bedroom decor wood beams area rug

bedroom amazing design ideas red quilt brown striped duvet cover armchairs

awesome rustic bedroom decor

awesome rustic bedrooms ceiling beams panorama view

amazing rustic bedrooms rustic furniture ceiling beams

awesome rustic kitchen interior design

A stone fireplace in the kitchen is an original decoration, an additional source of heat and will create a cozy atmosphere of family life and a special charm and originality. In addition to the attractive and appealing appearance, natural stone fireplaces are environmentally friendly, reliable and durable. Again, stone and wood work together in a most beautiful way and the rustic decor of the kitchens can be complemented by iron, copper, earthenware, etc.

 master bathroom copper bathtub stone floor

Having a stone place in the bathroom may seem as a luxury but many people will tell you that it is the best way to combine and enjoy tow of the basic elements – fire and water. Indulging into a relaxing hot water and watching the flames is a special pleasure that you can only share with your beloved partner.

stone fireplace design ideas rustic bathroom wood floor iron lantern chandelier

modern bathroom design rustic style decor

awesome indoor hot tub stone wall wooden floor

 kitchen island with seating ceiling beams rustic decor

rustic kitchen design kitchen island candle chandelier

modern kitchen rustic decor wood flooring

spectacular rustic kitchen ceiling beams kitchen island

Patio modern furniture set patio decor ideas

A stone fireplace gives the outdoor space the same cozy look as it gives to the indoor space. Homeowners can enjoy the open fire all year round, both during the day and night In the garden it has a practical side and everyone will agree that the dishes taste so much better, right? Whether you will just enjoy a drink with friends or entertain a large number of people, the fireplace in the garden is the place to do so. A set of dining furniture beside the fireplace or comfortable lounge furniture will make sure that you will have memorable moments.


 rustic stone decor ideas candle chandelier wooden beams

patio fireplace ideas iron dining furniture

covered patio outdoor furniutre

patio design covered patio outdoor furniture ideas

patio outdoor iron furniture

outdoor patio design ideas outdoor furniture

 outdoor kitchen ideas iron furniture

outdoor kitchen pergola string lights rattan coffee table

outdoor patio stone deck fireplace outdoor

outdoor adirondack chairs

backyard ideas wooden patio furniture set stone fireplace

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