How to choose the perfect indoor firewood holder – tips and ideas

by Kremy

indoor firewood holder ideas wrought iron fireplace wood holder

What could be more pleasing than a long winter evenings by the fireplace? The flames give a natural warmth and the soft crackling of logs adds comfort and creates a unique atmosphere. However, the big problem is that at some point you need to go outside and bring in firewood. Most often it needs to be dried first so it would be a much better idea if you have a stock of firewood which is enough for at least one cold evening. We will show you awesome indoor firewood holder designs which will complement your fireplace and will save you from the trouble to run outside in the cold.

modern indoor firewood holder ideas square shape


Many fireplaces equipped with special niches for storage of firewood. If that is not provided, and the interior features do not allow storing wood in the room, then a firewood holder will help. And here comes the question – how to choose the perfect indoor firewood holder? What kind of firewood holder to buy, what is the best material? We will try to answer these questions and help you find the right firewood holder for your home.

 copper bucket rustic decor ideas

Before you go to the store for a purchase, decide what exactly you need – a stationary firewood holder or a portable one, and of course, you need to make sure that your choice will become a beautiful addition to the fireplace. In addition it has to blend in the overall design of your room. If your interior is in rustic or country style, the best choice would be a design made of wood or wicker. Classic interiors will be complemented by ornate designs while for modern interiors, the best choice would be chrome and shiny metal.

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Beautiful fireplace wood holder fireplace accessories ideas

An indoors firewood holder made of wrought iron or brass is ideal for an open fireplace. Such holders are elegant, durable and reliable and they can decorate your fireplace for many years. Bear in mind that those can be really heavy and are not recommended for portable designs.

copper basket fireplace accessories ideas

Vintage buckets for firewood will add a special charm to the fireplace. You can either use an old bucket or buy one at a flea market – brass, copper or wood – the choice would depend on you. You need to pay attention to the useful volume of the bucket as they usually cannot contain more than just a few logs.

 metal basket portable

copper fireplace wood holder

 firewood holder design wrough iron fireplace accessories

rustic fireplace design brick surroundings wrought iron wood holder

round wicker firewood basket fireplace accessories home decor

portable indoor fire log holder with wheels fireplace ideas

modern portable firewood holder ideas with wheels modern fireplace

modern wall mounted fireplace wood holder

modern minimalist design wrough iron

 stationary wood holder rustic home decor

forge log basket

fireplace accessories ideas wrought iron

fireplace wood holder ideas basket fireplace accessories

fireplace accessories firewood holder ideas

elegant fireplace wood rack ideas ornate wrought iron design




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