Linear shower drain – a modern and elegant solution for your bathroom

by Kremy

walk in shower design ideas modern bathroom ideas linear drain

What are the advantages of having a linear shower drain? Although linear drainage is considered as a relatively new product, it is undoubtedly an elegant and practical solution for the drainage of your bathroom. Such drainage enables implementation of custom design solutions, give a modern look and style of the bathroom.


What is linear shower drain and how does it work?


how does linear shower drain work what is linear drain


A linear shower drain has a long and narrow “line” shape, so it can be installed in a one-directional-pitched shower. The principle of these drains is based on allowing the water to flow through the drain into a channel beneath the floor and enter the regular drainage system. One of the greatest advantages is that they can be installed anywhere – either at the threshold, along a wall, or under the shower bench if you wish.

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tiled linear shower drain bathroom design ideas

In addition, they have a sleek, clean look and there are so many design options that you can choose from. They are especially useful for doorless shower designs. If you prefer a seamless look for your bathroom floor, you could select a drain set with tile to exactly match your flooring and the drain will be practically invisible.


Linear shower drain – maintenance tips


bathroom design black floor tiles linear drain stainless steel grid


Many people are feeling hesitant for the purchase a linear shower drain as they are not quite sure about the maintenance and they think that the installation is too complex. One of the biggest concerns is whether a linear drain will collect enough water. Of course, it will. The design is based on a high flow rate and you can be sure that your bathroom will not be flooded. The maintenance is not different from the maintenance of any other drain system and if you use a modern shower caddy, you will be certain that your bathroom will be in perfect condition. The grid of the linear drain is easily lifted and removed, which facilitates the access for cleaning, if necessary.


bathroom design ideas linear shower drain stainless steel grid

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bathroom design ideas walk in shower linear drain stainless steel grid



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