Shower caddy – the necessary equipment in every bathroom

by Kremy

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Shower caddy or shower caddies, if you prefer, is something that each and everyone of us has, uses and has an opinion on how it should look, what is the most suitable design and place and what is the best material for a shower caddies.

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Shower caddy materials vary from plastic to bamboo. Of course stainless steel shower caddies are in the top positions of popularity. Why the material matters? If you are looking for shower caddies you’d need to have some information in advance about the different materials. The shower is not a friendly environment to every type of material. The wet environment results in soap scum, hard-water spots, mold, and rust which you may see on your caddy. The popularity of stainless steel and aluminum shower caddies is quite logical as they have proven to be long lasting and durable. A plastic caddy is also an option as these are easy to clean and maintain. Wood is a natural material and as good as it looks it has a big disadvantage – wooden caddies tend to mold faster. Teak is the type of wood that does not mold but it is quite expensive.

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You will find numerous shower caddies designs but they can be divided into several large groups – corner shower caddy, tension pole caddy, simplehuman caddy, over the door caddy and of course, portable shower caddies which are mostly functional and practical for dorms in college. Everyone has his preferences to the different types and every type has its advantages and disadvantages. We have to mention the fact that many modern bathrooms are designed with shower shelves or niches which function as a caddy. These can be in a contrast color or in a shade of the shower tiles used and besides the practical side, they are a beautiful decorative accent.

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When choosing the best shower caddies for your bathroom, you have to take into consideration the size of the caddy itself and the available space. Wall mounted caddies are the most popular in-shower storage attached directly to the wall via a drill and screw mount. Hanging caddies are the perfect choice if you want a quick and easy option. Freestanding caddies are suitable for walk-in showers or a wet rooms as they require relatively bigger space. Simplehuman tension caddy look very elegant and offer the comfort of adjusting the shelves as per your individual needs.



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