Settee and loveseats – clever and elegant solutions for small space

by Kremy

colorful elegant home furniture ideas side table home entryway

A settee is defined as a long bench with a back, an upholstered seat for more than one person or a small sofa. Basically it is a small sofa which has armrests but there are many designs of backless and armless settees as well. Usually a settee seats two persons . The earliest settees date back to the 17th century .

Settee and loveseats – what is the difference between them?

Bedroom furniture loveseat light blue cover beige bedding set


As described above, the settee is defined as a bench with a back or a small or medium-sized sofa with armrests. A loveseat is designed to seat only two people or a couple and that’s why the piece of furniture got its name. Despite that it can be found in almost any style, most loveseats are easily defined for the distinctive sections for each person to sit. And this is the difference – the settee may seat more than two people while a loveseat is designed for two. Both, settees and loveseats, can be purchased as individual pieces of furniture or as part of a living room set which contains a larger couch, an armchair or any other, depending on the design. Both types can be found upholstered, or partially upholstered with different fabrics or leather.

Settee and loveseats in the home interior

Contemporary home entry bench velvet upholstery

 Settee and loveseats have found their place in the home interior long ago. They look exquisite and elegant and add style to the home. When choosing a settee or a loveseat you should have a clear idea where you want to place it, how much available space you have and how it will fit with the rest of the interior, if you pick up an individual piece which is not a part of a set. It is not advisable to choose a loveseat as an extra bed as it is too small to fit an adult. Settee in the corridor utilizes the space while a bedroom settee provides some seating and chatting space for the couple. The variety in styles and designs is great and differs from traditional to modern.


white tufted small sofa house entry hallway furniture

 The bright turquoise color of the sofa makes it an eye catcher

turquoise upholstery loveseat side table home entryway


 Classic design of a small space furniture

small sofa modern home furniture bedroom furniture ideas decorative pillows

 The loveseat creates a feeling of intimacy and coziness

loveseats small room furniture ideas home interior small sofas

 Vintage design with contemporary pillows

small sofas loveseats designs differences home furniture ideas

 A backless bench with wood armrests

loveseat sofa bench wooden armrests small space furniture ideas

 Ornate carved wood frame

small sofa bench rolled arms house entry furniture hallway furniture

Living room furniture tufted small sofa purple upholstery white carpet

Living room furniture elegant small tufted sofa wooden round table

Living room furniture ideas small sofas loveseat

Living room furniture backless seating bench decorative cushions

house entry small sofa side table home furniture ideas

House entry design hallway bench gray upholstery wood frame

green white red loveseat floral upholstery white table

fabric small sofa loveseat design ideas living room furniture

elegant small sofa leather decorative pillows stools coofee table

Contemporary living room furniture set small sofa high backrest

Contemporary kitchen sofa breakfast nook ideas small kitchen design

breakfast nook ideas tufted sofa blue upholstery wooden dining furniture

Bedroom furniture loveseat contemporary design floor lamp

bedroom furniture ideas upholstered bench armchairs

Bedroom furniture loveseat small space furniture



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