A modern, doorless shower in the bathroom

Written by Kremena Ruseva

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Everyone who tried a refreshing outdoor shower knows how pleasant it feels. Well, showers with no door and curtain are the second-best option.

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To many people the idea of a doorless shower seems extravagant but we have collected some fantastic ideas which will show you inspiring designs for modern bathrooms where the shower has no doors whatsoever.

A doorless shower in the bathroom

Cool bathroom design ideas vintage vanity cabinet wall mirror doorless shower

A shower in the bathroom that has neither door nor curtain is not new, but it is growing in popularity. If you are interested in this kind of a shower, then read on and find out how you can add this interesting shower design in your own bathroom.

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Consider first the right place. The curtains or doors of the shower in the bathroom have another purpose other than to give us some privacy and intimacy.

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They should also protect against water splashes as well. To ensure that your doorless shower can be used sensibly, without ruining the rest of your bathroom, you should make sure that it has a minimum distance of 2 meters on all sides.

 Beautiful bathroom designs with a doorless shower

contemporary bathroom design ideas walk in shower designs glass partition wall

When installing a doorless shower you need to carefully choose the matching shower head.

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The traditional shower in the bathroom usually consists of an angled shower head, but this can sometimes lead to accidental floods. Instead, select a shower head which is designed in a way that the water flows straight down.

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Make sure that you have the drain carefully considered. The floor in the shower cabin should be leveled towards the drain to prevent the accumulation of water and to guarantee a smooth flow of water.

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To ensure that the water can really run well, you can consider it to add two or even three floor drains.

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If your bathroom is not suitable for a walk in shower and does not have the opportunity for a full renovation, think about a frameless shower door.

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 You will still have a barrier that protects against water, so the frameless showers would be the next best choice.


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