Frameless shower doors – how to choose them, pros and cons

by Kremy

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The shower, as a bathroom equipment, is playing an increasingly important role in the interior of the bathroom, and is a part of the overall design. One of the most popular tricks to visually enlarge the size of the bathroom is the use of absolutely transparent walls of the shower. Frameless shower doors can create a clean, modern and sexy look in your bathroom. Shower doors can have diverse designs and it would depend on the size of the bathroom, the architectural and structural issues, the design and of course, the personal taste of the homeowner. Frameless shower door designs look modern, and sleek and add a light and airy look to the bathroom.

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People who opt for frameless shower door designs point out the elegant appearance and sleek and modern design. A frameless glass shower door makes a bathroom look bigger and does not hide a beautifully tiled shower. The airy look fits well in contemporary and minimalist-style bathrooms. The relatively easy maintenance is another of the advantages for choosing frameless doors. They do not have any tracks which means that there is no channel for mold to grow. The lack of metal frame also means that there is no risk of corrosion or rust. Usually frameless glass shower doors are made of thick glass which makes them very durable. The use of frameless shower enclosures and cabins provides an opportunity to create a feeling of space even in small bathrooms. Generally, glass can give any bathroom, with modern or traditional design, a feeling of sophisticated style, which can be enhanced with appropriate accessories and lighting.

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One of the biggest cons is the possibility of leakage through the gap around the door as the frameless shower doors are installed directly to the wall with minimal hardware. In case that the glass for the frameless door is not precisely cut and installed, the door may not close perfectly. A major drawback of frameless glass doors is the cost. The glass that is heavier and thicker than traditional shower doors which means it is more costly. Most frameless doors are custom made and there is additional labor to craft and install them. The extra labor costs also add to the price of the shower doors.


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