Walk in shower ideas with functional and trendy glass partitions

by Kremy

contemporary-bathroom-walk-in-shower-glass-partition exposed bricks

A stylish and modern bathroom needs to be complemented with the right equipment. The walk in shower, combined with a frameless glass shower partition is trendy and exactly the touch of fashion your bathroom needs. If you plan a bathroom remodel, consider installing a walk-in shower and shower built in shelves. On one hand, it conveys a sense of serenity and privacy. On the other hand it exudes luxury and shows your good taste. The diversity of walk in shower ideas will allow an individual design for your bathroom, and will add a special character.

Walk in shower ideas – the latest bathroom trend

walk-in-shower-ideas-modern design rain shower head


The bathroom is a place where you can relax and must feel comfortable. The times of the traditional shower curtains are long gone. A shower door is also no longer a must in the bathroom. Walk in shower ideas offer a modern alternative. A walk-in shower is an excellent choice as the installation is easy, clean and fast. Turn your bathroom into a real oasis with the right design of the equipment that fits your taste and room space. A bathroom with a walk-in shower is very convenient and gives a special charm to the space. Most shower stall ideas for small bathrooms and walk in designs are equipped with a drainage slope. Thus it is sure that the water converges into the drain. Walk-in showers are also very suitable for disabled or elderly people.

 Walk in shower ideas – modern and elegant bathroom designs


The latest walk in shower ideas feature frameless designs. This gives the shower area a modern elegant touch, they reveal the shower tile patterns and, in addition, frameless showers are a true eye-catcher. Modern shower systems are equipped with all the essential elements of the shower – shower heads, thermostatic mixer, hand mixer, etc. This guarantees you a feeling of a luxurious spa experience in your own bathroom.



A contrast between wood and black wall tiles

asian-style-bathroom-modern-design-walk-in-shower-ideas-wood flooring


 Fabulous blue bathroom


 Minimalist bathroom design with walk in shower

minimalist-bathroom-walk-in-shower-ideas-glass wall gray wall tiles

Contemporary bathroom  idea

Natural-stone-flooring-bathroom-glass-wall-around-walk-in-shower-ideas-mosaic tiles

 Walk in shower in a small bathroom


Elegant bathroom design





small-bathroom -walk-in-shower-ideas-modern-bathroom-furniture

modern-master-bathroom-walk-in-shower-glass walls black vanity cabinet

modern-bathroom gray white color scheme-walk-in-shower-modern-vanity








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