Square stainless steel shower head with built-in shelves – Les Bougies

by Kremy

Les boogies square stainless steel shower head modern bathroom collection ritmonio

“Les Bougies” is the name of the new collection of square stainless steel shower heads designed by Peter Jamieson for the Italian company Ritmonio. And it is not just an ordinary shower – the collection is adorned with an additional twist and features a compact shelf. You can put bathroom accessories, fragrance sticks for aromatherapy and candles and create a relaxing spa atmosphere in your bathroom. Or add a potted plant for a nature-inspired decoration.

 stainless steel showerheads ritmonio candles shelf


In fact, if you think about it, the only place where you can be truly alone, is the bathroom. And this waterfall shower offers you the opportunity to make your own interior design and have a true wellness experience. Since the designer has also specialized in architecture, he has combined space and objects in a very simple but clever concept. You can even group two or three of these stainless steel shower heads by Ritmonio in order to achieve a maximum effect, especially if you have more space in the bathroom.

 steel shower head modern bathroom collection ritmonio peter jamieson

The stainless steel shower head collection features simple shapes and compact sizes that can be adapted to any bathroom. The stainless steel surface will reflect the glow of candles if you wished to have a more romantic atmosphere. “Les Bougies” are also offered in a dual-flow version to enhance the waterfall and rain effect so you could design your own individual shower area.

Les boogies stainless shower head collection shelves candles

contemporary square stainless steel shower head collection ritmonio peter jamieson

 modern bathroom iterior design ritmonio square stainless steel head

shower with shelves waterfall peter jamieson

falling rain modern bathroom accesories

contemporary bathroom interior design square shower heads ritmonio







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