Casa Altamira by Joan Puigcorbé – architecture of the future

by Kremy

modern architecture design casa altamira Joan Puigcorbé

The incredible Casa Altamira is a project of architect Joan Puigcorbé and is delicately tucked in the magnificent landscape of Ciudad Colón, Costa Rica. It is a is a modern house with an ultra modern interior right in the jungle and the beauty of the design is that contemporary architecture is harmoniously inscribed in the external environment.

contemporary architecture casa altamira Joan Puigcorbé


Built on a hill, the modern house is in complete harmony with the topography and the existing natural plants of the surroundings. It has an unique floor plan with separate layers and each of them offers a picturesque view. The separate wings are united bu a common hallway which leads into a central living room and outdoor space. The exterior walls, as well as interior, are cast in concrete and local volcanic stone clads. The use of natural materials sets the color scheme of the whole project – gray-black which passes from exterior to interior in a fine smooth manner.

 Joan Puigcorbé modern kitchen interior design black shiny surfaces

The dark gray stone of the outside continues inside the house into an open space which creates a futuristic atmosphere. The interior is completely monochromatic and the integrated LED lights intensify the feeling you are in a cave. The bedrooms are arranged step-wise and each of them has a secluded and intimate garden area and at the same time is connected to the main outdoor area. The garden is protected from views and the swimming pools, beginning from the covered terrace, is the connection between the building and the garden. A series of grass steps etched into the hillside resemble an ancient amphitheatre. Casa Altamira by Joan Puigcorbé a luxury modern home with creative blending of light and dark and a feeling of tranquillity and admiration of natural beauty.

casa altamira innovative architecture project Costa Rica Joan Puigcorbe

modern architecture design Joan Puigcorbé Costa Rica

minimalist architecture Costa Rica private bedrooms

modern architecture solutions outdoor garden area

Joan Puigcorbé contemporary architecture natural materials

Costa Rica contemporary architecture design outdoor pool

minimalist architecture casa altamira Joan Puigcorbé patio and pool

concrete volcanic stone exterior walls

modern architecture and interior design Joan Puigcorbé Costa Rica

 ultra modern interior design Costa Rica stairs

Joan Puigcorbé minimalist bedroom interior design

Joan Puigcorbé futuristic interior gray and black led lights

 interior design monochrome color lighting accents

casa altamira contemporary interior design dark gray

 floor plan

floor plan 1


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